Canadian and American concrete pumping associations merge

concrete pumping association

The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) has announced the Concrete Pumping Association of Canada (CPAC) will now operate as an ACPA chapter.

Continuing under the CPAC name, the merger will give ACPA members from Canada a forum for addressing issues affecting Canadian pumpers. Current CPAC members will benefit from ACPA’s s safety, training and concrete pump operator certification program. The merger was announced Jan. 22 at World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

“We’re extremely excited to join the American Concrete Pumping Association,” said Daryl Dika, co-founder and board member of the CPAC.  “CPAC has worked diligently for many years to create a stronger pumping industry in Canada, and now I’m happy to be a part of this next step for CPAC in partnering with the ACPA. We’re looking forward to the opportunities this merger will bring to strengthen the concrete pumping industry throughout Canada.”

Concrete pumpers in the United States and Canada share many issues including safety, workforce development and promotion of the industry. The merger solidifies the industry’s presence in the North American marketplace and brings increased visibility to concrete pumping across the borders.

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“CPAC’s merger with ACPA is a very positive step forward for the entire concrete pumping industry,” said Christi Collins, Executive Director, ACPA. “It creates synergy and alignment on both sides of the border as we advocate and lobby for shared resources for the greater concrete pumping community.”

The American association was founded in 1974 to promote concrete pumping as the choice method of placing concrete and to encourage and educate the concrete pumping industry on safe concrete pumping procedures.

The ACPA Operator Certification Program is the only industry-recognized certification program for testing concrete pumping practices.

“Because both sides of the border share common goals in the concrete pumping industry, aligning our path toward achieving them strengthens the North American pumping industry and brings more opportunities for concrete pumpers in both countries,” Collins said.

The ACPA is a non-profit association which serves as an advocate for the industry committed to promotion, education and safety for its members and all those coming into contact with a concrete pump on the construction job site.