MB Crusher

MB Crusher manufactures jaw crusher buckets since 2001, a productive and cost-effective attachment that works with the hydraulic of the carrier: excavator, loader or skid. The first crusher bucket was invented by five Italian siblings, the family-run business has its roots in the road construction business run by the father, and they took their first-hand experience in the field and created a product that has revolutionized work on construction sites around the world. 

The crusher bucket was created to be an economic and innovative way to reuse waste materials around the yard. Something that would reduce the costs of transporting and disposing of waste material. A more flexible approach to the costly fixed and mobile crushers and screening plants. A unit that could be used in any type of construction site, especially sites in hard-to-reach locations or urban areas. This is how the jaw crusher bucket was designed, patented and tested on the family business machines. 

Since then years of creation and innovation have seen the family-owned business evolve into an international company and the MB crusher bucket has also become the symbol of a worldwide campaign in which the search for maximum productivity is combined with an awareness of the need for rational and economical use of natural resources. “We live in a time where people all over the world are concerned about what will happen in the future – the company explains – and are wondering how best to use available resources more sparingly. The population continues to grow and with it the demand for raw materials. It’s precisely for this reason that the waste material processing equipment sector has evolved so rapidly and brought cutting-edge solutions to construction sites. Solutions like the MB crusher bucket; a product that creates value, is good for the environment and brings in profit for the companies that use it.” 

The line has not expanded to 5 different attachments, to the jaw crusher bucket the addiction of trommel screeners, padding buckets, rotary grapple and drum cutters. All designed and manufactured in Italy, only the best materials are used to obtain the highest quality. Solid, durable and characterized by the now recognizable clean lines designed to resist wear and high stresses in the toughest working conditions.

Canadian contact: +1 (204) 900-9931