WITOS Paving Docu bridges tech gap for Vögele


Vögele’s new WITOS Paving Docu, is complementing its two existing jobsite solutions from the company: RoadScan, the non-contacting temperature-measurement system, and WITOS Paving Plus, the telematics solution for coordinating and actively optimizing all processes. 

WITOS Paving Docu is designed for contractors that want to record and analyze more than just paving temperature, but don’t need the full range of WITOS Paving Plus functions, which includes process optimization and integrated planning.

At a jobsite, foremen can use a special smartphone app to initiate jobs in WITOS Paving Docu and record a wide array of additional paver and paving data, such as working width, paving speed, interruptions to paving and effective paving time. Delivery notes can also be scanned using a QR code or entered manually, allowing paved areas, paved material quantities and densities to be calculated continuously. 

At the end of a day’s paving, jobsite reports are sent automatically by email to selected recipients. They include information on key jobsite data and machine utilization.

WLAN connection 

The app and the paver are connected via WLAN, so information can be exchanged between the machine and the foreman’s smartphone even where there is no mobile phone connection. This way, both the foreman and paver operator know at all times how many tons of material have been paved on what surface area and in what density. 

“WITOS Paving Docu is an extremely practical and reliable solution when it comes to the rapid, straightforward yet comprehensive documentation of a job site,” said Dr. Stephan Weller, head of software products at Vögele.

“It is ideal for construction jobs where precise data recording is required, but there is no need for active process optimization on site.”

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The paver creates the WLAN network with a range of about 50 metres and acts as the server on the job site. 

“This autonomous solution allows processes to run smoothly even if there is no network coverage,” Dr. Weller said.

Simple handling 

For contractors who want to plan their jobsites by largely conventional methods, but document them digitally, WITOS Paving Docu offers the option of automating the recording and analysis of data without great expense. All they have to do is install the corresponding app.

The hardware – the telematics module and the screed width measuring unit – is fitted directly in the paver. The app offers clear and intuitive menu navigation, so users can familiarize themselves with the application quickly, without specific prior knowledge or extensive training. For contractors, this increases the efficiency of jobsite documentation processes, without lengthy introductory phases.

Upgrade to WITOS Paving Plus 

Should requirements change, contractors can upgrade to WITOS Paving Plus at any time. As well, contractors who have already acquired the full version have the option of using only the Docu module for smaller jobs.

The full version of WITOS Paving Plus, Vögele’s software-based process management solution, networks everyone involved in the process, from the mixing plant to the paver operator, and creates five modules. Jobsite planning, provision of mix, mix transport, paving of asphalt and the analysis of processes can all be managed by a single system in real-time.

This enables site managers and paving teams to respond quickly and appropriately to possible faults and to make processes much more efficient. 

The dynamic logistics and machine control system with corresponding controlling also increases quality. 

“That’s why many public-sector clients are now demanding the use of intelligent process management systems,” Dr. Weller said. 

“With WITOS Paving Docu and WITOS Paving Plus, we are now giving our customers two extremely flexible solutions they can use to either document process data for later analysis or to actively optimize processes, as appropriate for a given job.