Trimble Earthworks extends to tiltrotators

Trimble Earthworks

The latest version of the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform offers full support for fully automatic guidance for excavator tiltrotator attachments. 

Trimble announced the release of version 1.9 of the grade control platform at bauma.    

Full automatic support for tiltrotators makes the attachment easy to use and learn, even for operators who have never used a tiltrotator. 

“Tiltrotators are very useful excavator attachments, but they can have a steep learning curve,” said Scott Crozier, general manager for Trimble’s Civil Engineering and Construction Division. “Fully automating the tiltrotator attachment with Trimble Earthworks makes it accessible to less experienced operators and can result in time savings for more experienced operators.” 

Trimble Earthworks semi-automatic boom and bucket control now works with tilt automatics on engcon, Rototilt and Steelwrist attachments. The combined depth and tilt autos allow an operator to easily control complex attachments to stay on grade when using a tiltrotator. 

Trimble Earthworks controls the boom and bucket of the excavator as well as the tilt angle of the attachment, while the operator controls the stick of the excavator and rotation of the tiltrotator. Contractors of all skill levels can now take advantage of the benefits of tiltrotators with the use of Trimble Earthworks automatic control.

Trimble Earthworks for motor graders

At bauma, Trimble also announced Trimble Earthworks for Motor Graders version 1.9 now supports Trimble Universal Total Stations for millimetre-accurate fine grading with fewer passes.

 Contractors can place finished grade materials more accurately and in a shorter time period, keeping material costs to a minimum and improving productivity.

The Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform is now available from the SITECH dealer channel. 

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