Trimble announces FieldLink MR app, new compactor platforms

Trimble mixed reality hardhat, compatible with new FieldLink app.

Trimble has announced its FieldLink MR app—a new mixed-reality solution for construction layout.

Also, the company has announced the release of its next-gen Trimble Roadworks paving control platform for asphalt compactors and horizontal steering control functionality on the Trimble Earthworks grade control platform for soil compactors.

Mixing realities, attracting and retaining skilled workers

Built on the Trimble Connect collaboration platform, Trimble FieldLink MR (Mixed Reality) offers a new way to perform construction layout, enabling professionals to quickly navigate to tasks on the jobsite.

The app runs on the Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2, a hardhat-integrated mixed-reality device.

With Trimble FieldLink MR, field crews can easily visualize construction data without relying on a handheld controller for step-by-step navigation to locate each point.

Visual cues presented through the mixed-reality hardhat naturally lead workers directly to each point for them to physically lay out pertinent information on the construction site.

Attracting and retaining skilled workers remains a key challenge for many contractors, reducing the complexity of layout in the field will be essential to enable less experienced staff to deliver quality work the first time.

“Trimble’s FieldLink solution enables users to precisely position digital construction information in the physical world. FieldLink MR is an extension of this application, which seamlessly integrates cutting edge mixed-reality technology to help construction professionals be more effective on site. This integration offers more efficient and intuitive workflows by making the layout process more natural and contextual,” said Martin Holmgren, general manager for Trimble’s Building Construction Field Solutions Division.

Trimble’s layout and mixed-reality solutions are part of the Trimble Connected Construction ecosystem, leveraging the Trimble Connect collaboration platform.

Contractors from different trades and in all phases of the construction lifecycle can work together to enable more automated layout and fabrication.

Field productivity solutions are driven directly by constructible data, reducing the need for data conversions and the potential for error. Using constructible data and real-time collaboration, project stakeholders can work together seamlessly, optimizing the design, build and operate lifecycle.

Next-gen paving control

This platform enables operators to accurately control the compaction process, while reducing unnecessary passes that can result in over compaction. This 3D paving control system is designed to improve the speed, accuracy and ease of asphalt compaction.

The system leverages the highly intuitive Android-based Trimble Roadworks software to maximize ease of use, shortening training times and decreasing downtime for operators already familiar with the Roadworks user interface. With the proper hardware and software configurations, the new system is flexible and can support a variety of jobsite needs and specifications. Roadworks helps contractors save on fuel costs and reduce both machine wear and tear and operator hours. In addition, asphalt temperature mapping provides color-coded data to allow operators to compact at the correct temperature, reducing material waste and rework.

In addition to helping operators achieve greater accuracy and efficiency, Roadworks is available at various pricing levels to help meet the unique needs of each contractor.

On site photo of Trimble's next-gen 3D paving control system for asphalt compaction.

New compactor licenses make it possible for contractors to pay for only the functionality they need, and office-only licenses provide increased functionality in the office. Users can also benefit from ongoing Roadworks platform development.

“This release is particularly important because every day we’re seeing more DOTs and private owners build technology requirements into their RFPs. We’re expecting there to be an influx of projects over the coming months and years as the result of increased infrastructure funding,” said Kevin Garcia, general manager, Trimble Civil Specialty Solutions. “The Trimble Roadworks platform is specifically designed to be easy to learn and use. Variable pricing helps make this platform even more accessible and levels the playing field for contractors of all types and sizes.”

A step toward Trimble’s autonomous vision

Horizontal steering control functionality on the Trimble Earthworks grade control platform for soil compactors is the industry’s first automatic steering control solution for soil compactors—and the next step toward the company’s autonomous vision.

Horizontal steering control helps operators achieve higher quality surfaces and consistent compaction. Compatibility with all soil compactor makes and models enables contractors with mixed fleets to achieve a faster return on investment.

Furthermore, horizontal steering control automatically steers a soil compactor using a 3D model or compaction pass line. This helps to improve compaction productivity and quality for operators of all skill levels by precisely controlling overlap between passes.

On site photo of Trimble's new horizontal steering control solution for soil compactors.

According to Trimble, automatic steering helps reduce operator fatigue while also minimizing over- and under-compaction, providing a more consistent sub surface for a higher quality, longer lasting finished product.

“We’re committed to innovation and building solutions to meet our customers’ needs no matter where they are on their journey to autonomy, both now and in the future. It’s difficult to steer a soil compactor with accuracy and consistency, but over- or under-compaction leads to wasted time and materials and less durable surfaces,” said Scott Crozier, general manager of Trimble Civil Construction. “Horizontal steering control allows operators to focus on machine performance and safety and deliver a higher quality, more consistent surface.”