Toromont Cat shines light on new tech

toromont cat

This spring, Toromont Cat opened its dealerships’ doors to highlight various technological advancements now available on their machines.

Dubbed Technology Days, Toromont Cat invited its customers to several of its dealerships, from Winnipeg to Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, to explore new features offered by Caterpillar.

“The whole point of what we’ve been doing is to try and highlight some of the integrated technologies that are now part of our Caterpillar Equipment family,” said Brian Davis, Construction Solutions Manager for Toromont Cat. “Each of the product groups have been busy putting different features in the machines.”

For excavators, one of the new features available GRADE with Assist, a two-dimensional grading system that is fully upgradable to 3D.

“When you’re cutting to grade with the excavator, it will automate the function of the boom and the bucket on the machine,” Davis said.  “It’s a completely integrated system that comes from the factory. That’s the big one for excavators.”

Cat Production Measurement is another new feature available on excavators, which allows operators to track load weight in real time via an in-cab monitor.

“We were able to demonstrate that at a couple of our events as well,” Davis said.

For dozers, Toromont highlighted Slope Assist during Technology Days, which allows operators to automatically maintain blade angles while grading, through the use of onboard sensors.

Grade with 3D

Another feature displayed during Technology Days was Grade with 3D, an integrated GPS solution to help control blades. On previous Cat machines, GPS sensors were mounted on the corner of the blade. Grade with 3D moves the sensors to the roof of the tractor.

“There’s nothing to set up in the morning, or take down at night. It’s much safer than having to climb up on a blade to mount receivers,” Davis said. “And without having the stuff or the corners of the blade, there’s no fear of getting them smashed off.  It is definitely a big step in machine control.”

For wheel loaders, customers were able to test the 972M XE. The machine is equipped with an advanced powertrain and Cat Production Measurement.

“We kept it pretty broad. We showed a lot of the different families of equipment,” Davis said.

Toromont Cat representatives invited about 60 to 80 tech savvy customers to each of its events.

“The idea was to not just invite the entire customer base,” Davis said. “We wanted the people that are interested in technology and have adopted it, or are thinking about adopting it.”

Furthermore, based on guest feedback, Davis said he would like to organize more events highlighting Cat’s new technologies.

“The technology is mind-blowing when you’ve never been in the seat before,” Davis said.