Komatsu’s Smart Construction Remote keeps managers connected

komatsu Smart Construction remote

Komatsu has announced the North American launch of its Smart Construction Remote application, which allows its users to send new design data to machines in the field, as well as remotely support operators, without the need to travel to the jobsite.

According to Komatsu, the new platform gives managers of large construction projects a powerful new technological tool in their arsenal to help them work more efficiently and economically.

Customers are able to remotely send files from their office to target machines, easily search all connected assets and log in to a machine to see what their operator is seeing.

Via Smart Construction Remote, they can also pinpoint the location of machines by jobsite, and upload or download design files at anytime from anywhere.

Using Smart Construction Remote’s capabilities, construction site managers can help operators troubleshoot issues in real time by viewing the same data.

They are able to add new files without the time commitment of traditional methods, as well as transfer design files to multiple machines on site with a single click.

“In today’s ever-changing construction environment, Smart Construction Remote is an invaluable, must-have tool,” said Scott Christman, the earthwork division manager at Cornerstone One LLC.

“It provides troubleshooting and file transfers with the touch of a button from anywhere with internet access, minimizing crew downtime and maximizing production.”

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Smart Construction Remote’s software is compatible with select makes of machines that are equipped with Topcon devices, and all Komatsu intelligent Machine Control models.

The new feature is one of several new technologies included in Komatsu’s new Smart Construction Solutions, an umbrella of smart applications created to help construction customers orchestrate construction planning, better handle management and scheduling, streamline costs and optimize processes remotely in near real time.