Smart Construction: Komatsu’s vision of the jobsite is becoming a reality

smart construction

Since Komatsu customers began piloting Smart Construction capabilities in 2015, the new technologies have been connecting people, equipment and construction processes to enhance workflows in an open platform. 

Supported by its strategic partners, who are leaders in their own fields, Komatsu’s vision is to improve operations across all phases of the construction process by enabling digital transformation of customer jobsites. 

With Smart Construction, software, hardware and services come together to help customers be more connected, efficient and successful.

Since ConExpo, Komatsu has been introducing new technologies, and the company plans to continue to introduce a dozen new solutions within the year. 

iMC 2.0

Recognizing that productivity is key to customer success, Komatsu has introduced intelligent Machine Control 2.0. Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) is a suite of features that use advanced machine technology — some of it patent-pending — to improve dozer productivity. 

The new iMC 2.0 capabilities are available on the new D71PXi-24 hydrostatic transmission (HST) dozer.

The patent-pending proactive dozing control is one of the new features included in iMC 2.0. Proactive dozing control is more than 60 per cent more productive than the previous generation. 

The feature is capable of automatically completing cuts/strips from existing terrain, like an experienced operator. As well, it measures the terrain it tracks and uses that track-level data to plan the next pass. Proactive dozing control can also operate automatically 100 per cent of the time.

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Another new iMC 2.0 feature is the patent-pending lift layer control, which automatically spreads fill from existing terrain with the press of a button. As well, it measures the terrain it tracks over and uses that data to plan the next pass. Combined, this doubles production and achieves consistent layers for quality compaction. 

Tilt steering control automatically tilts the blade to maintain straight travel during rough dozing. The feature reduces the need for operator steering input by up to 80 per cent. 

Komatsu’s quick surface creation creates a temporary design surface with one press of the button. Combined with other iMC 2.0 functions, operators can begin stripping or spreading using automatic modes while waiting for finish grade mode.

Within the year, intelligent Machine Control 2.0 will be commercially available on additional Komatsu dozers.

Smart Construction

As part of its Smart Construction solutions, Komatsu has created an upcoming suite of 11 technologies to enhance the digital transformation, and improve operations across all steps of the construction process. 

Tapping into the power of the internet of things (IoT), Komatsu’s construction customers will soon be able to control construction planning, management, schedule, costs and optimize processes remotely and in near real time with the company’s incoming suite of Smart Construction solutions. 

The 11 new solutions included in Komatsu’s Smart Construction roadmap will begin to be released in the next few months. 

The new solutions include: 

Smart Construction Design uses 3D data generations.  Its users will be able to go from rolled up paper plans to 3D designs.

Smart Construction Remote allows the transfer of new design data to machines in the field, or remotely support operators, without travelling to the jobsite.

Smart Construction Dashboard uses graphically visualize design, drone and machine data to measure cut and fills, quantities as well as productivity.

Smart Construction Fleet collects the data needed to optimize fleets and track production, all on a mobile app.

Smart Construction Insight displays an overview of progress, productivity and profitability across multiple jobsites.

Smart Construction Simulation allows the simulation of jobsites, from start to finish, to optimize results, before the first yard of dirt is moved.

Smart Construction Retrofit equips legacy excavators of any make or model with access to 3D data, giving operators the guidance they need.

Smart Construction Rover is a cost-effective, high-value 3D rover to outfit all key jobsite personnel.

Smart Construction Drone provides a bird’s-eye view of the jobsite, in a fraction of the time required by a ground-based survey.

Smart Construction Edge quickly processes drone data into a 3D terrain map without leaving the jobsite. 

Smart Construction Field is a cost-effective project management tool that includes cost tracking and helps determine the best ways to bid, manage and resource projects. 


Developed with extensive customer and user research, MyKomatsu provides a complimentary web-based portal that delivers access to parts ordering and machine data, as well as parts and operating manuals.

MyKomatsu now integrates 20 legacy systems to create actionable intelligence to assist customers in effectively running their businesses.

Via MyKomatsu, the manufacturer’s customers now have the ability to access and manage their fleet data 24/7 in a standardized and organized way. The comprehensive portal provides access to parts and machine information, and makes it easy to order parts online. 

As well, MyKomatsu allows users to visualize and evaluate their assets with fleet-wide or equipment-specific information from any device. Supported by easy access to the data, customers can ensure that each machine receives scheduled and necessary maintenance to prevent downtime. The system is password and encryption-protected.

MyKomatsu’s simple technology solution allows users to view their fleet of machines or click on a particular asset for additional details. Starting from a fleet or a dashboard view, users can easily view the performance of their fleet or an individual machine, including working hours, fuel consumption, idle time or work modes.

Furthermore, users can click on the “parts” tab from either the fleet level or a machine-specific level to access the relevant parts directly. Fleets may be viewed on a map or a list, highlighted with quick statistics from the past day, week or month.