Kleemann makes crushing plant data mobile

With its new SPECTIVE operating concept, Kleemann is now the sector leader with regard to crushing plant user interfaces. They offer safety and convenience for the operator with remote controls and automation.

The SPECTIVE CONNECT system gives operators and fleet managers all of the data they need, right on their smartphone.

Safety and Convenience

The crushing plant can be started using a 12 inch SPECTIVE touch panel directly at the plant. The intuitive operating system makes it easy for operators to make the necessary adjustments to their settings.

Once everything is set, the plant will run in an automatic mode. When a plant train is used, after initial setup the operator can connect to the complete plant train rather than just the individual plant.

As a new feature in the SPECTIVE system, radio remote controls have been integrated. Using the large radio remote control, the setup procedure can be carried out at a safe distance. The small radio remote control can be used to execute all relevant functions comfortably from an excavator.


Diesel fill level, average fuel consumption, average plant performance, gap setting, utilization rate and a lot more important process data can be displayed at any time via the dashboard.

In most cases, operators no longer have to leave the cab or interrupt the ongoing process. They can detect, for example, on their smartphone, that the diesel fill level is low and order fresh supplies directly from the driver’s cab.

Operators can regulate loading by viewing utilization rates on their screen. They can also receive data on the daily output already achieved and compare it to previous days. SPECTIVE CONNECT provides more safety for the operator, higher plant availability, higher utilization and thus higher cost-effectiveness.

In case of a malfunction, SPECTIVE CONNECT displays not only a general fault but, at the same time, the corresponding components, including troubleshooting aids. The smartphone can be taken to the location of the fault that occurred and help to support the operator step by step with fault elimination guidance.

The SPECTIVE CONNECT app automatically generates clearly arranged reports on consumption and plant performance as well as the plant usage. These reports can be forwarded by messenger or e-mail. This guarantees transparency throughout the process for the plant operator.

In the future, Kleeman hopes to incorporate a real-time overview on the smartphone display, showing the operator a live look at the infeed as well as other parts of the plant.