Hamm Oscillation evolves to split drums


Hamm introduces split drums, maintenance-free operation and VIO compaction measurement

More than 35 years ago, Hamm became the first roller manufacturer to offer a drum with oscillation capabilities.

Today, the technology is an integral part of Hamm’s range of products and is being continuously developed. At bauma 2019, Hamm unveiled the latest innovation in this segment: rollers with split oscillation drums. 

Hamm also displayed a world premiere ­— a system for compaction measurement during oscillation compaction. 

Split oscillation drums

Split drums are in particular demand for the compaction of curves and roundabouts, as well as for the compaction of asphalt, which is prone to displacement, such as stone mastic asphalt or polymer-modified mixes.

This is because these drums prevent material displacement and cracks. Hamm has now combined this added value with the advantages of oscillation compaction and launched a split drum with oscillation onto the market. 

An individual, mechanically-independent oscillation unit operates in each half of the split oscillation drum.

As well, an integrated control mechanism adapts the position of the unbalanced weights quickly and precisely to the position of the two drum halves. This ensures that the two drum halves always vibrate in unison, despite their different rotation speeds around corners. The two drum halves are synchronized electrohydraulically. 


All Hamm oscillation drums — both non-split and the new split models — are wear-resistant, as Hamm now uses an especially highly wear-resistant fine grain steel with greater material strength for the drum shell than before. Hamm is thus significantly extending the operating life of modern oscillation drums.

In addition, all Hamm oscillation drums are now completely maintenance-free. This has been made possible by using an optimized drive concept and innovative toothed belts. It is no longer necessary to change the toothed belt after 2,000 operating hours.

Drivers and the surrounding environment also benefit from this solution as the oscillation drums are now significantly quieter when in operation thanks to the new toothed belts. Furthermore, Hamm oscillation rollers no longer require oil changes.

Hamm Compaction Meter VIO 

Hamm brings together a wide range of modules for compaction measurement and documentation under the term HCQ (Hamm Compaction Quality). A world first, the Hamm Compaction Meter VIO is now joining this offering. 

For the first time, it is now possible to measure compaction in oscillation mode. The system is already available for the H 7i VIO and H 13i VIO compactors.

A two-axle accelerometer and new, improved software form the core of the system. It provides the HMV value in accordance with a patented process. 

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This corresponds to the compaction achieved and is shown on the display on the operator’s platform. For the roller driver, the application is very simple, as operation requires no additional entries. If the HMV value is recorded in the HCQ Navigator, the actual compaction may also be determined by using a calibration. 

Hamm VIO compactors can now document their passes with reliable measurements in a traceable way for all continuous dynamic compaction control applications.