Cut-to-length abilities shine at ReadyQuip demo

The cut-to-length ability of Ponsse and Eltec forestry machines were put to the test during a demo day event at ReadyQuip.

The Timmins, Ontario-based company recently hosted about 140 forestry professionals at the event.

Eacom Timber Corporation and PNG Logging provided the harvest, as well as some of the machines, for the demo.

During the event, ReadyQuip highlighted the Ponsse ElephantKing 8-wheel forwarder, the Ponsse ScorpionKing 8-wheel harvester with H7 harvester head as well as the Eltec FH277L with Ponsse H8 HD harvester head.

As well, trainers and technical specialists from the manufacturers were on hand to explain the functionality of the machines as well as the harvester head attachments.

“We love getting out with the customers and giving them that hands on experience. It gives everyone proof of what the machines can do,” said ReadyQuip marketing coordinator Kerin DeGirolamo.

“They’re quite amazing, and watching them first hand or sitting in the backseat as someone else is operating is pretty cool to see.”


The ScorpionKing features a unique new crane that improves visibility in all directions. As the cabin is located in the middle of the machine, the driver is able to see the extremes of even dense thinning routes. As well, the cabin is hydraulically balanced, while the front and rear frames tilt according to the terrain.

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The machine’s stabilization system is based on detecting the direction and position of the crane, and then pressing the rear frame in the direction of its task. Pressing the rear wheels against the ground and the weight of the rear frame improve the machine’s stability.


The Ponsee ElephantKing forwarder is designed for demanding conditions and heavy loads. Its tractive force, 281 hp Mercedes Benz Tier 4 Final engine and the 20-tonne carrying capacity provide efficient timber transportation both on sloping sites and during long transports. As well, the Ponsee K100+ loader, its control system and strong hydraulics provide a maximum reach of up to 10 metres.

Eltec harvester
The Eltec FH277L tracked harvester is powered by a 320 hp Cummins diesel engine and a hydraulic system that is enhanced for forestry.

The heart of the hydraulic system is the engine driven, variable displacement axial piston pumps that provide high flow and pressure.

Its Eltec forestry cab features a multi-adjustable seat, enhanced operator comfort system and displays providing real time information on all machine functions.