Think green when selecting a drill lubricant

rock drill lubricantBy John Creighton
Creighton Rock Drill

Coastal construction sites such as building bridges, sea walls, high rise buildings, airports and seaports all attract the public’s environmental eye.

Environmental awareness has become more and more apparent on all jobsites.

When trying to choose the right drilling fluid, whether it is for construction, water well or mineral exploration drilling, there are many options available to fit the job.

These high-performance products are being used on a global spectrum and have been aiding contractors with increased productivity while maintaining a greener corporate image.

Why should there be a concern about the introduction of mineral based lubricants into the environment?

It is estimated that about 50 per cent of lubricants sold end up polluting the environment either by total loss lubrication spillage or improper disposal.

Remediation of soil and water can be an expensive proposition. In the case of lubricating a down the hole hammer, there is total loss of the oil to the environment.

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A common quote

The common quoted statistic is one litre of oil can contaminate one million litres of drinking water.

There are, however, options to limit risk. Creighton Rock Drill Limited, for example, is a distributor for Control Chemical, based in Calgary.

Their products include environmentally safe down the hole drilling lubricants, thread compounds, down the hole torque reducers, rock drill oil and foam and many more.

No need to stress

Drilling fluids can be a bit of a struggle as to what to use, when fluids are required, what are the environmental impacts and what are the legalities?

These are just a few of the everyday questions that arise, but it’s certainly not all of them. However, it really does not have to be that stressful, we provide online tutorials and information on the product we stand behind to help inform you, as well as answer some of the questions that may arise.

An environmental spill can wreak havoc on the community you’re working in but also add cost to your job. Your company can be a green leader and provide the opportunity to your client to avoid any potential risks.