Lancia Excavation makes first Canadian purchase of Felco attachment

Lancia Excavation is an excavating contractor based in Caledon Village, Ontario.

Together, with a team of experienced operators and specialized machinery, the owner, Lucas Lancia, tends to the excavation and oversized landscaping needs of the area.

“We started three years ago with one brand new 135 John Deere excavator and a Rototilt. We’ve been growing since then and have added two tracked skid steers, a tractor and dump wagon and a roll-off and float,” said Lucas.

Lancia’s purchase of a Felco compactor wheel

Lucas first came across Felco’s compactor wheel through an Instagram post, and after some correspondence with the company, he made arrangements to test the wheel as soon as one could make its way into Canada.

After testing it, he decided that it would be a welcome addition to his fleet. This marked the first purchase of a Felco attachment in Canada.

“They’re great people at Felco. I met them at ConExpo and I thought, ‘Okay, these are the kind of people I can work with,’” said Gerry Mallory, President of Brantford, Ontario-based Mallory Gordon Management (MGM Attachments)—the first dealer in Canada to carry Felco attachment inventory. To Mallory’s point, Lucas added that his experience dealing with Felco had been nothing but enjoyable.

Since adding the compactor wheel to his cache of tools and equipment, Lucas has found that he is using it for everything he can. Particularly, he is impressed with the wheel’s ability to produce a more firm compaction than a plate compactor when backfilling—even when increasing the amount of material in each lift.

Lucas Lancia, Owner, Lancia Excavation

“I backfilled a ten foot trench with two foot lifts and it has not budged a centimeter. Even after being rolled over by a loaded quad-axle cement truck, there was no imprint,” he explained.

According to Felco, excavator operators typically use their wheel compactors when the extra extension range of the wheel is preferable, adding that contractors consistently report achieving over 90% compaction in most soil types throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Felco uses a sealed journal bearing system, which strengthens the axles of the attachments. The compactor wheel features a maintenance-free design that eliminates the need for greasing and comes with a five year limited warranty.

“No maintenance, five year warranty. There’s not much that can go wrong—there are no hydraulics to worry about and no daily greasing—you just change the oil every few hundred hours,” said Mallory.

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