AGF Access provides solution for Gordie Howe International Bridge

Gordie Howe International Bridge

The construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge requires the dismantling and undergrounding of more than 7.5 km of high-transmission voltage power lines.

To tackle relocating the power lines, AGF Access – Windsor was selected by EHV Power to supply and install a customized access solution of scaffolding and tarping for the relocation as part of the megaproject.

AGF Access’ reusable, all-around scaffolding system and tarps allowed workers to build enclosed transformer pods to access the high voltage lines. So far, six of the 12 power cable termination pods have been completed.

“Scaffolding was the right access choice for this project,” said Brian Jean, supervisor for AGF Access – Windsor.

“Scaffolding can give you safe access to places you can’t get to with lifts and ladders and provides a stable floor to walk on. You don’t even notice you are working at height.”

The pods, which were located at various heights from 6 metres to 45.7 metres, provided a clean, environmentally-enclosed working environment.

The temporary scaffolding was anchored to compact 1,814 kg blocks tied off with cables to support up to 15 workers at one time. A genie telehandler was used to move the blocks into place.

A tarping system allowed EHV Power to work through Ontario’s winter, providing a water and snow resistant environment for workers.

Gordie Howe International Bridge

“The access solution was very important, yet an easy-to-use option for this massive undertaking,” said Ilario Iacoucci, engineering manager at EHV Power.

“AGF Access was able to deliver their product and service on time and on schedule.”

The Gordie Howe International Bridge, which connects Windsor to Detroit, is symbolically named in honour of Canadian ice hockey player Gordie Howe, who played for most of his career for the Detroit Red Wings.

Howe died on June 10, 2016.  The Gordie Howe International Bridge is scheduled for a completion date of 2022.

AGF Access – Windsor is one of 25 locations in North America providing the rental, sales and service of access and scaffolding equipment, including Hydro Mobile and Winsafe.