Winkle Industries acquired by GRYB

GRYB Bateman manufacturing

Canadian attachment manufacturer GRYB now has a foothold in the United States, following its announcement the company has acquired 100 per cent of Winkle Industries, as well as its subsidiaries Proen Engineering Solutions and LiftTech Field Services.

Based in Ohio, Winkle supplier of engineered mechanical and magnetic material handling solutions and contract manufacturing services.

“We didn’t just buy a brand, we bought expertise. We’re looking forward to our public debut at the Associated Equipment Distributors trade show in Chicago next week, a key market for us,” said Rémi Beaudoin, CEO of GRYB.

In addition to gaining a presence in the United States, the move helps establish GRYB as an industry frontrunner in materials handling products.

“Having a US presence is integral to our strategic growth plan. After much careful research, we chose Winkle because they are the best at what they do,” Beaudoin said.  “They are known for their leadership in the industry,

their deep expertise, their reputation for safety and quality, and well-established distribution network. Because we share a passion for excellence, innovation and growth, we are more formidable together.”

This is GRYB’s second acquisition in less than a year. In 2019, GRYB acquired Ontario-based Bateman Manufacturing, which specializes in the creation and manufacturing of grapples and handling attachments for many sectors.

“We are pleased to join the GRYB family and excited to bring our customers additional solutions and capabilities,” said Mark Volansky, Winkle’s director of sales. “Many of our customers, both upstream and downstream facilities that support the steel industry, also require GRYB’s products. Now we can offer them top quality OEM products at a competitive price.”

Winkle also brings GRYB a significant American market share and strategic location.

The acquisition of Winkle Industries brings GRYB an additional 7,432 square metres of production space, as well as a 4,645 square metres of warehouse in the United States, giving them the capacity to handle anticipated growth.

Going forward, Proen will use their engineering experience to develop new products for GRYB companies while maintaining an external service. LiftTech will provide highly responsive field service resources to deliver on-site support for GRYB, Bateman and Winkle supplied products.

The acquisition also follows the announcement of a $6.25 million investment to increase production on capacity at GRYB’s plant in its hometown of Victoriaville, Quebec.