Mammoet and ALE merger creates the world’s largest heavy lifting provider


Mammoet has announced it has completed its acquisition of ALE, and now the companies will both operate under the Mammoet brand.

The merger, which was confirmed on Jan. 8, creates the world’s largest global provider of engineered heavy lifting and transport services.

“We are looking forward to working together with our new colleagues all over the world and establishing long term relationships with our customers, existing and new,” said Paul van Gelder, CEO of Mammoet.

“We will put all our efforts into supporting them with their activities aimed at enhancing cities, businesses and communities that are all part of the transition to a more sustainable future. As their goals increase in size and complexity, we must reshape ourselves to support them while keeping our primary focus on safety.”

Following the Mammoet motto

In the coming months, Mammoet will create a fully-developed integration plan that will focus on bringing the two organizations together.

“We want to understand our clients’ business and challenges better than anyone else. Regardless of their size, industry or location. We will keep improving our services and support them to build smarter, safer and stronger across the world,” van Gelder said.

“We feel a fundamental connection to these words. They express our desire to challenge conventional thinking, minimize risk and lead innovation in the industry. Which is why we have chosen to take them on board in our new brand proposition. Together, we are Smarter, Safer, Stronger.”

The combined coverage of the two business is unmatched worldwide. Together, Mammoet and ALE have more than 140 offices and branches worldwide, ensuring proximity to the world’s most important industrial and urban areas.

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As well, Mammoet’s combined team and its fleet of heavy equipment are now the world’s largest.

As well, Mammoet is the only global heavy lifting and transport business with a large research and development facility run independently from its operational activities, allowing it to innovate for the long term in close collaboration with customers.

Innovations to date include the PTC and SK crane ranges and the Mega Jack. The developments are credited with shortening countless project schedules in the process and redefining industry practices.