A Rubble Masterpiece: the RM 120GO!

As the largest machine in its lineup, The RM 120GO! is Rubble Master’s new flagship crusher

Rubble Master has introduced its newest flagship impact crusher to the North American market.

The RM 120GO! was unveiled at the company’s annual demo days at Winzinger’s Recycling Yard in Franklinville, New Jersey on May 8 to10.

“The RM 120, I always say, is considered to be our masterpiece,” said Gerald Hanisch, owner and CEO of Rubble Master. “Everything we’ve learned over 27 years is integrated into the RM 120 GO! This is very rewarding.”

The impact crusher features a 117-cm rotor and a 13.6 metre x 1.5 metre on-board screen-deck while weighing just 40,823 kg in closed circuit configuration.  While the crusher is new to Canada and the United States, the machine has been on the European market for about three years.

“Our policy is to check it out in our yard, then we have it within three or four hundred miles, just to make sure everything is bulletproof,” Hanisch said. “And then we release it to other markets.”

The RM 120GO! is designed for custom crushing contractors, large asphalt paving contractors, road builders, demolition contractors and material producers. As the largest crusher in the Rubble Master lineup, the machine targets a new market.

“With the 120 we are approaching a new type of market,” Hanisch said. “We’re coming from small to bigger, that’s actually a lot of learning into it for us too.”

Hanisch added the 120GO! has the production capacity of a full-size machine with the mobility and usability of a compact crusher. As well, the impactor can be unloaded and set up for crushing in a closed-circuit configuration in less than 20 minutes without the need of any special hand-tools.

“We’ve always looked at the crushing industry differently,” he said. “I didn’t understand why a machine had to be over 100,000 pounds. To be honest, I didn’t like the way the table was set, so I flipped over the table.”

Like all Rubble Master impact crushers, the RM 120GO! features a diesel-over-electric drive system that burns up to 33 per cent less fuel than same size diesel-hydraulic crushers, leading to a more profitable cost per ton.

“Thanks to the diesel-electric drive and the wide core radiator, overheating problems … are non-existent on the Rubble Master machines,” Hanisch said.

During the demo days, which were hosted with Groff Tractor & Equipment and Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA), the 120GO! was used to crush concrete rubble up to 75 cm in diameter producing a 2.5 cm finished product in a single pass. The unit was fed with a 30-ton excavator and the finished product was stockpiled with the RM MTS2010M 19.8 metre tracked stacking conveyor.

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Also at the demo was the complete line of Rubble Master scalping screens, and the company’s full line of crushers ranging from the RM 60 to the RM 120GO!

“When we built the RM 80, we thought we’d never grow bigger,” Hanisch said. “In the old days, it was a machine. The new approach is far beyond that, you have to be a provider of IT solutions, a provider of service solutions. You have to provide the right setting for the right application.”

In 1992, Rubble Master developed the RM 50, the first compact crusher for the recycling of leftover bricks, asphalt or concrete. About five years later, the Austrian company saw its business grow to exports accounting for more than 97 per cent of sales.  Today, the company is represented in110 countries.

“I started the company 27 years ago with three people. To see it growing like this … tells me we’ve brought it very far,” Hanisch said.