Sullair rebrands as Hitachi Global Air Power

A Sullair compressor

Sullair is changing its name to Hitachi Global Air Power as its parent company moves to consolidate its compressed air solutions under one brand. 

In mid-April, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) announced the creation of the new Hitachi Global Air Power, which includes Sullair and Champion Compressors in Australia.  

“We are the same organization, ownership, leadership and staff, but now we have a name that more clearly demonstrates Hitachi’s breadth of compressed air solutions, product lines and innovation that both Sullair and Hitachi bring to the market,” said Yasuhiro (Charlie) Takeuchi, President and CEO of HIES. 

“In today’s relentlessly transforming society, Hitachi Global Air Power is uniquely positioned to raise the bar on the value we deliver to customers through our comprehensive portfolio of compressed air products and solutions such as Air as a Service.”

Hitachi Global Air Power will continue to offer a full range of integrated compressed air solutions, including portable air compressors, industrial air compressors (oil-free and oil-flooded), aftermarket OEM parts, fluids and more.

While Sullair will change its corporate name, the branding will remain intact on its products, including Sullair, Champion and Air-One. 

Sullair was founded in 1965 and became a subsidiary of HIES In 2017. 

In the six years since the acquisition, HIES has leveraged the Sullair global sales network and complementary portfolio products and services to substantially increase the size, strength and competitiveness of its global air compressor business. 

“The company name change from Sullair to Hitachi Global Air Power is only the latest move in a growing list of Hitachi’s commitments to our business and brand,” said John Randall, President and CEO of Sullair. 

“Since our acquisition, Hitachi has invested more than $45 million in our company, and Hitachi has been instrumental in allowing us to expand our calibre and capabilities. We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us — for our business, employees, customers, channel partners and communities.”

Hitachi Global Air Power’s mandate is to provide ultra-high-efficiency compressed air products and connected solutions that help customers achieve more energy savings and operational efficiencies.

According to HIES, Hitachi Global Air Power will be instrumental in accelerating significant global growth through sustainable and digital products.