Rototilt completes it RC Tiltrotator line

several rototilt tiltroators in a line

After a year of its initial introduction, Rototilt has now launched its complete line of Rototilt Control (RC) Tiltrotators. 

The last models to be released are the RC1 and RC2 compact tiltrotators. This means that excavators from weighing from 1.5 to 43 tonnes can now use the products that make up the Rototilt Control product line. 

“This is what we’ve been working towards all along,” said Sven-Roger Ekström, Product Manager at Rototilt.

Rototilt Control is a new product line from Rototilt comprising a completely new tiltrotator series, a control system, joysticks and an app for remote support.

When developing of the products within Rototilt Control, the focus has been on three areas in particular: operating experience, energy efficiency and precision. All the tiltrotators in Rototilt’s range are now available in the RC series and are known as RC Tiltrotators.

According to Rototilt, compact tiltrotators have increased in popularity in recent years and have the become bestsellers in a small format.

“We are seeing more and more people discovering the benefits of tiltrotators for small excavators,” Ekström said. “They work well in confined spaces and the extra flexibility that a tiltrotator provides can make a big difference. We are happy to also be able to offer our latest product line to users who work in this type of environment.”

In contrast to the previous R series, the SecureLock safety lock and the ILS central lubrication system are included as standard with RC1 and RC2.

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As well, the new models are equipped with all the benefits of the RC System control system. This means that users can use RC Connect for remote support as well as Rototilt’s own new RC Joysticks.

“Users who want to take their tiltrotator system to the next level will be pleased to learn that RC Joysticks and RC Connect will also be available for the very smallest excavators,” Ekström said. “Both this and the previous options that are now included as standard give the system that little bit extra. The whole system has been given a boost, both in terms of servicing and safety.”

New Rototilt safety standard 

As all tiltrotators in the RC series have the SecureLock safety lock as standard, the entire chain now satisfies the new requirements according to the EN474 standard. According to Rototilt’s lead engineer, Niklas Bjuhr, this is something that has been a priority throughout the project.

“We view it as only natural that our products must live up to the market’s demands and current regulations, so there was never any question about this when we developed RC Tiltrotators,” Bjuhr said. 

“SecureLock is an innovative solution for locking your work tool securely and easily. It provides reassurance for our users.”