OPP issue heavy equipment scam warning

The OPP Anti-Rackets Branch, Economical Crime and Corruption unit have issued a warning to potential heavy equipment buyers.

In late September, police received a complaint from an Ontario/Quebec business owner that buys and sells heavy equipment within Canada and the United States.

According to police, the complainant received unsolicited emails advertising heavy equipment for sale in the United States.

The emails contain information about the equipment for sale at prices lower than market prices. The fraudster offers photos and further information about the equipment and encourages potential clients to contact them via telephone or email. Once communication is initiated, the fraudster allegedly sends information “lifted” from legitimate auction or heavy equipment websites.

Once an agreement is made to proceed with the transaction, the fraudster sends the victim an invoice with bank account and wire transfer information in the United States. After the wire transfer is complete, the victim is provided with excuses for lack of communication and the equipment is never received.

According to police, the fraudsters are operating as:

  • Dennis Moore
  • MAQ Trading Inc.
  • 7000 Commerce Parkway
  • Lenexa, Kansas
  • (913) 214-0970
  • Jones Moore
  • KIT Equipment Trading Inc.
  • 135 N Commercial St
  • Blythe, California
  • (760) 284-1197

Avoid becoming a scam victim

Beware of unsolicited emails from unfamiliar companies or individuals.

Remember caller ID spoofing disguises telephone numbers appearing on a caller ID display. This popular tool allows scammers to disguise their calls.

Conduct online research to ensure the business, individual and the item being purchased is legitimate.

Always remember, if an offer sounds suspicious or seems “too good to be true”, it probably is. If you suspect that you may be a target of fraud, or if you have already sent funds, don’t be embarrassed – you’re not alone.

For more information, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501, or visit antifraudcentre.ca