NOX tiltrotator helps make quick work of beachfront repair

NOX tiltrotator

Kirkfield, Ontario is home to lush greenery, popular cycling paths and a gorgeous lakefront. 

Along the lakefront sits a picturesque estate that —like many — requires routine maintenance and upkeep. The property’s natural beach repairs included paving and general maintenance. 

The contract was awarded to Rosedale Construction and Landscaping of Kirkfield, who used a variety of tools to complete the project. 

First, a special grading bucket was used to level and prepare the beach front. Next, crews used a timber grab to position large curbstones in a row to fix the beach front. 

Both tools were paired with a Kinshofer TR14 NOX tiltrotator, which was directly mounted to the carrier machine with a Kinshofer S60 quick coupler. 

The cylinderless solution from Kinshofer was tested by Rosedale’s construction manager, who operated the machine and became familiar with the NOX tiltrotator.

“The cylinderless, compact design of the NOX tiltrotator delivered a lot of advantages for this particular job,” the operator said. 

“It took me a couple weeks to get use to using it, but the speed and strength are impressive. I’ve been working with the NOX for three months, and jobs are moving 25 per cent faster.”

The NOX tiltrotator universal joint

Thanks to the universal joint capabilities of the NOX, the excavator requires less repositioning, saving time and increasing worker safety overall.

“I only need to move the excavator when the arm has reached its maximum safe operating distance, or when I need to change tools,” the operator said. 

“I’d seen videos of the NOX tiltrotator and was really impressed with the cylinderless solution. It allows for tighter trenching, has fewer connection points and requires less maintenance.”

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The TR14 NOX is designed for excavators with a 10 to 14 tonne operating weight, featuring a tilting angle of 2 x 50 degrees at a tilting torque of 19,175 foot-pounds constant with 8.5 rotations per minute.

Users are able to control the NOX tiltrotator effectively with two joysticks. 

“Overall, this is a perfect combination of speed, strength and surprising sensitivity,” the operator said. “Moving the equipment to the right position was no problem.”