Northern Construction Academy (NCA) opens in Sudbury

NCA sudbury construction school

Northern Construction Academy (NCA) has opened its doors in Sudbury, Ontario, offering training for heavy equipment operation and trucking. 

The new school offers hands-on training programs in real-world construction environments and is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act.  

Through relationships built with Pioneer Construction and Fisher Wavy, NCA was created to address the need for skilled tradespeople in the mining and construction industries across Northern Ontario. 

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“Over the past several years, organizations in the construction, mining and transportation industries are experiencing an increasing gap in the supply of skilled tradespeople required for these industries to keep up with demand,” said Pioneer Construction COO Malcolm Croskery.

“Construction, mining and transportation are all considered essential services and provide long-term, full-time career opportunities to individuals who pursue these career paths. We want to make training for these types of positions available and accessible for all, so we joined forces with the team at Northern Construction Academy.” 

Northern Construction Academy started offering programs including AZ/DZ truck training and heavy equipment operation in March.  

The heavy equipment program is eight weeks long and trains students on the basic operations of dozers, backhoes, excavators, graders, loaders and haul trucks.  The next scheduled start date for the Heavy Equipment Operator program is June 7, 2021.  

We have been extremely fortunate to attract veteran instructors with years of experience and knowledge in their applicable industries and subject matter,” said Dean Derro, general manager of NCA.”

Although the initial program offering covers heavy equipment, AZ and DZ truck training; we also offer non-vocational courses that complement the construction, mining, and trucking industries such as surface miner common core, modules necessary to access pits and quarries, Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG), First Aid, and more. We are working with all applicable government ministries on COVID guidelines in effort to create a safe learning environment for this essential service training.”

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