Caterpillar introduces new machine logo

caterpillar logo

Caterpillar machines are getting a refreshed look via their on-iron logo.

The company has announced it is updating the trade dress of its machines, engines, generator sets and work tools.

Caterpillar is replacing the current “Power Edge” trade dress (Cat trademark on a black background accented with a diagonal red bar) with a new graphic design called “Cat Modern Hex.”

The Cat Modern Hex design combines the traditional Cat trademark and product model names with a bold, three-dimensional red hexagon and grille pattern.

The red colour is a throwback to the graphics used on the company’s first crawler tractors in 1925.

The Cat Modern Hex was designed by the Caterpillar Industrial Design Group. “Our goal was to create something with a premium look and feel,” said Ed Stembridge, Caterpillar’s product identity manager. “When you combine the Modern Hex design with our distinctive Cat product designs, it visually reminds customers they are buying and using the best products on the market.”

In addition to machines, gen sets and engines, the new trade dress will be used on Caterpillar parts packaging and various licensed products such as toys and scale models.

Cat products that are no longer in production will not be updated.

The Modern Hex design will appear on newly-manufactured Cat products in the near future as Caterpillar updates its entire product line by early 2020.

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