The WL95: Wacker Neuson’s largest wheel loader yet

Wl95 wheel loader

Wacker Neuson is entering a new wheel loader size class with the introduction of the WL95.

The new 2-yard articulated wheel loader is the company’s first heavy-duty model to be introduced in this size class and is the largest in Wacker Neuson’s fleet of wheel loaders. 

The WL95 offers performance with a high payload that allows operators to load, move and place more material efficiently.

“What it represents is the evolution in the lineup of Wacker Neuson,” said John Dotto, a product marketing manager with Wacker Neuson.

“Now we’re really covering all bases with our line of wheel loader products; from a small machine that can fit on a sidewalk, our WL32, to now the biggest most powerful wheel loader in our lineup, the WL95.” 

The variable hydrostatic transmission provides excellent traction and high travel speeds of 20 km per hour.

With a standard 2-cubic yard bucket and straight bucket tipping load of up to 6,529 kg, the WL95 is capable of efficiently moving more material.  

The WL95 is powered by a 136 hp Deutz 3.61 engine with a DOC and SCR aftertreatment system, providing a standard auxiliary hydraulic flow of 117 litres per minute. 

“What you get with that 136 hp Deutz is just about the best power-to-weight ratio in this size class,” Dotto said. “There’s not a lot of 2 yard loaders on the market with that type of power.”

Large, but compact

Keeping with the Wacker Neuson tradition of compact designs, the WL95 is just that. The compact design for a loader this size enables a tight turning radius and generous steering angle.  As well, the articulated joint and a pendulum axle at the rear ensures ideal maneuverability and traction in any situation. 

The WL95 offers return-to-dig function, ride control and a reversing fan as standard ensuring optimum productivity.

As is expected with a wheel loader in this size class, the WL95 offers ergonomic and operator comfort features. The console features a multi-functional joystick and a jog dial for easy adjustment of the hydraulic flow rate to the attachment. 

Also, the fully glazed cab provides excellent visibility, while air conditioning offers a comfortable, fatigue free work environment. The easy to view, 18-cm colour display keeps the operator informed of all machine functions. 

Daily and regular service access is simplified with an accessible wide opening engine hood and removable fenders that allow for easy reach to hydraulic and electrical components.