Wille’s winter walloping 465 arrives in Ontario


Jade Equipment has delivered the first Wille 465 machines to arrive in Ontario. 

MVT Canadian Bus purchased four of the articulated machines to tackle snow removal at transit stops in Barrie, Ontario. 

“Wille are built in Finland and are fully adapted to work in our climate,” said Eric Bouchard, territory sales manager at Jade Equipment. “With its strong hydraulic system and no PTO, Wille are easy and safe to use and maintain.”

The 465 is the most popular machine in Wille’s equipment lineup. The machine is powered by a 74 hp Kohler KDI 2504 TCR engine, which does not require diesel exhaust fluid or a diesel particulate filter.  

The 3,420-kg machine is built to use multiple hydraulic attachments, with two low flow and one high flow auxiliaries on the loader arm.  As well, it comes with an electrical connection to support two more functions.  

“The rear of the machine has one hydraulic auxiliary and comes with a tilting hitch,” Bouchard said. “The couplers at the front and the back are the same to give you the choice to mount the same attachment at the front or the back.” 

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The four new Wille machines were delivered to MVT Canadian Bus equipped with buckets, counterweights and self-loader rear mounted sanders. As well, MVT Canadian Bus received a pickup street sweeper, a Tokvam snow blower and a four-in-one AMI plow. 

“Wille offers a wide range of attachments from simple buckets to pick up sweeper to high pressure washing system with a water tank,” Bouchard said. 

The 465 also includes Smart Drive, an ergonomic option for the creeping pedal. In Smart Drive, the accelerator is programmed for use as a drive pedal when the hand throttle is activated. This allows the operator to set the engine speed of rotation to the attachment’s requirements, and use the drive pedal for the driving speed. This allows the attachment to work in its optimum state regardless of the driving speed.  

Ron Fischer, facility manager for MVT Canadian Bus, explained operator comfort is one of the reasons they purchased Wille machines, rather than traditional construction equipment.

“I’ll have a guy sitting in there for eight to 10 hours a day. If they’re older guys, it just kills them,” Fischer said. 

Speed was another deciding factor. The Wille 465 has a maximum speed of 40 km per hour. 

“And it gets there fast.” Fischer said. “It makes a big difference when they’re going bus stop to bus stop.”

The Wille 465 features a 2.8 metre maximum lifting height, 132 litres per minute of hydraulic flow, as well as a machine width of 1.6 metres and height of 2.2 metres and length of 4.2 metres. 

The 465’s engine compartment is also designed to enhance visibility and access to liquid check points. 

“The Wille provides a great visibility at the front and the back with its ultra-low engine cowling,” Bouchard said. “The whole rear engine cowling slides back to provide access to the engine for easy maintenance.”