Waratah’s HTH623C loader processor delivers in tight spaces


Waratah Forestry Equipment’s HTH623C loader processor (LP) features a wide delimb opening as well as the ability to work in tight spaces. 

The HTH623C LP features a wide delimb opening for increased productivity, while its short tilt frame improves reach for higher deck piles, making it more manoeuvrable and ideal for tight spaces. 

“The HTH623C LP takes great features of the HTH623C harvester head and expands on those for loading and processing applications,” said Brent Fisher, product marketing manager for Waratah. “With a shorter tilt frame and a larger maximum delimb opening, the HTH623C LP delivers the productivity and efficiency Waratah customers have come to expect from each new innovation.” 

One of the main differences from the HTH623C harvester head is the large delimb opening on the HTH623C LP, which allows for multiple logs. 

The maximum delimb opening on the new configuration is 94 cm, which is 24 cm larger than the HTH623C’s opening. 

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The loader processor’s new short tilt frame also allows for better log control along with more flexibility working on high decks or sloped piles. Thanks to the advantage of grabbing multiple logs, operators can clear the yarder chute or shovel more efficiently. 

“The 623C LP is more stable and allows me to quickly get in and out of a pile when processing and loading,” said Jake Dailey, operator at C&C Logging in Kelso, Washington. 

The larger delimb opening can also manipulate larger single logs. This increased efficiency helps operators quickly clear the chute and load trucks. 

As a stand-alone option, the wide opening delimb arms can also help improve log deck picking.

Workhorse in tight spaces 

With a weight of 3,140 kg, the HTH623C LP is a multi-use tool for those working in tight spaces. 

When a landing doesn’t have the space for multiple pieces of equipment, the HTH623C LP is the right head for the job. The new configuration features a shorter tilt frame, which permits efficient loading of trucks, improved reach for higher deck piles and more compatibility with live heels — all while maintaining easy access to hoses and valves.

“With more than 45 years of innovation in the forestry industry, Waratah understands what customers need for their worksites,” Fisher said. 

“The HTH623C LP is another example of the Waratah team’s creativity in delivering the best machines.”