Wacker Neuson develops the 1st battery-powered reversible plate

A man compacts gravel with the APU3050e reversible plate
The APU3050e is. the industry’s first battery-powered reversible plate

Wacker Neuson has developed the APU3050e, the industry’s first battery-powered reversible plate. 

The battery-powered reversible plate’s emission-free direct drive system and overall height make the machine ideal for working in trenches, indoors and on jobsites that have strict environmental or noise guidelines to follow.

The APU3050e reversible plate is powered by the Battery One battery system that is used for a variety of the company’s zero-emission products. 

Alongside zero-emissions, a key benefit to the APU3050e is its ease of use. 

It is started with the push of a button, even at low temperatures and at high altitudes. Depending on the application, a single battery charge is enough energy to provide constant power for typical compaction tasks of smaller applications.  

When the battery needs to be changed, it is simply removed from the charger and installed into the machine without any special tools. 

The APU3050e reversible plate offers many features included on Wacker Neuson’s conventionally powered models. The guide handle continuously adjusts the speed with comfortable movement. As well, the system provides continuous forward and reverse travel speed along with spot compaction. 

The APU3050e weighs 220 kg and comes with a 50-cm wide base plate. It produces 3,060 kg of centrifugal force and can compact up to 570 square metres per hour. An integrated wheel set makes moving the machine around the job site or shop easier.

The motor of the APU3050e is mounted directly on the base plate and does not require a V-belt, which eliminates maintenace, reduces operating costs and the need for spare parts. 

The rugged metal frame protects components from damage. The versatility of the Battery One system allows all the components to be used on Wacker Neuson’s single direction, battery-powered plates, rammers or the internal backpack vibrator.