Volvo CE introduces purpose-built EC380E demolition excavator


Volvo CE has expanded its lineup of demolition machines with the introduction of the purpose-built EC380E Straight Boom excavator.

The new 38-tonne machine replaces the traditional boom-and-stick approach with a straight boom and purpose-built arm.

The EC380E offers a significant height advantage over standard models, along with reach, stability, cab protection and durability.

“This machine comes purpose built directly from the factory with everything you need to start on Day 1 on your demolition site,” said Tony den Hoed, national demolition account director for Volvo Construction Equipment.  

The machine’s 7-metre straight boom is 2.9 metres longer than a conventional bent boom, delivering a 31 per cent increase in pin height. The EC380E also provides an additional six per cent reach than a conventional machine.

“That’s an additional floor of demolition for you,” den Hoed said. “We have a clear advantage of pin height on the straight.”   

A 10,000-kg counterweight allows the EC380E to work with the same size tools as the conventional machine. The counterweight is also hydraulically removable to help simplify machine transport.

“The counterweight is similar to what we have on the 480 high reach and 750 high reach,” den Hoed said. “All we have to do is remove a couple bolts, then open the side door, activate the hydraulics and lower it straight to the ground or onto a trailer for transport.”

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The EC380E Straight Boom comes equipped with several standard features that are valuable in demolition applications, including X1 and X3 auxiliary piping, a quick-fit and oil drain line and water lines connected to a dust suppression system.

The dust suppression system features a 30 litre-per-minute lifting pump, feeding water to four arm-based nozzles that together create a fine mist to contain dust. The system can work in either manual mode or auto mode, where water is only sprayed when the attachment is operating.

“With a hammer for example you want dust suppression immediately,” den Hoed said. “However, if you have a processor or shear, you want visibility to your work while you’re closing the tool, so we added in a two second delay. You have a couple of seconds to watch to make sure your tool is placed properly before the dust suppression comes on.”

The machine’s dust suppression system also comes with a high-pressure water gun mounted behind the cab for cleaning the machine.

The EC380E Straight Boom is built with a reinforced main frame made of heavy-duty plate steel with bolt-head protection. It also features eXtreme Duty undercover protection, a durable belly guard and a full track guard.

A slew ring cover and heavy-duty side doors with screens and louvres offer added protection. The bolt-on side impact protection system protects the superstructure from damage. As well, the machine is guarded against damage from debris by additional protection on both bucket and boom cylinders.   

The cab is protected against falling debris with a frame-mounted falling objects guard, while large windows maintain the view of the worksite. The roof window and front one-piece glass are made from P5A, which is resistant to high impacts. Nighttime visibility is aided by standard LED lights on both the boom and platform. Additional lighting for the cabin and counterweight are available as options.