Vermeer debuts its first next gen trailer vacuum excavator

vermeer VX75

Vermeer has started the rollout of its next generation trailer vacuum excavators with the debut of the Vermeer VX75.

The new machine is the most powerful Vermeer vacuum excavator in the 75-hp class, equipped with a 1,500-cfm vacuum blower capable of generating 15 in Hg of suction force. The VX75 is available with a 12.7-cm hydraulic boom option for standard units and a 10.2-cm hydraulic boom option for air and jetter versions.

 Vermeer designed the trailer vacuum excavators for challenging utility work, including potholing, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) slurry management, and microtrenching dust containment.

“The new VX75 vacuum excavator combines all of the best qualities of the prior McLaughlin and Vac-Tron product lines, as well as many more improvements to create a new generation of Vermeer vacuum excavators,” said T.J. Steele, product manager for Vermeer MV Solutions.

“In addition to all of the performance-enhancing features that are sure to get contractors’ attention right away, we also designed this unit to be lightweight, incorporated a CAN bus control system throughout to simplify wiring and improve reliability, delivered operator-friendly controls, and provided more machine operating information.”

The VX75 vacuum excavator’s control panel and full-function remote control allow operators to start and stop the machine and control everything from the boom to the water system and spoil tank. This remote control feature is especially useful for contractors using the excavator for slurry management, as they no longer have to manually restart the unit when draining a pit, potentially saving time and fuel.

Powered by a 74.3-hp Kubota diesel engine, the VX75 can be equipped with either an 1,893.7-litre spoil tank with two 473-litre freshwater tanks or a 3,028-litre spoil tank with two 776.5-litre freshwater tanks. It also has a 30.3 litre per minute, 3,000-psi water system, a dual cyclone filtration system, and a full open cam over the spoil tank door.

The VX75 can be configured with a 180-cfm,110-psi air compressor for dry digging and powering pneumatic tools, a 68-litre per minute at 2,000-psi jetter for cleaning pipes and culverts up to 30.2 cm in diameter, and a 30.3 litre per minute auxiliary hydraulic system for powering tools such as core saws.

Other optional accessories available on the VX75 include a strong arm, an arrow board, a 300,000 BTU hot box, and an external kerosene tank for the hot box.