The Komatsu PC490HRD-11 excavator arrives in North America

A parked Komatsu demolition excavator

The Komatsu PC490HRD-11 demolition excavator made its North American debut at Demolition San Antonio. 

The PC490HRD-11 excavator can be easily re-configured for changing work demands. The Komatsu K100 in-house boom change system includes oversized quick connectors for the hydraulic lines, to minimize back pressure and oil heating, without restricting oil flow. The system also features hydraulically powered pins, which are mounted inside the main boom structure, reducing the risk of damage.

The K100 system allows the operator to change the boom configuration on site, in just a few minutes, without leaving the cab and with no need for outside help.

A Human Machine Interface (HMI) integrated in the machine’s touch screen guides the operator when aligning the work equipment. All connections, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical are made automatically. 

Equipped with a 362 hp Komatsu engine, the PC490HRD-11 can work with a range of attachments, from 2,500 kg at a 32-metre maximum height up to 5,000 kg from ground level to a 17.4-metre maximum height.

The PC490HRD-11 demolition excavator features two 345-litre-per-minute variable displacement piston pumps supplying boom, arm, bucket, swing and travel circuits.

More news from Komatsu:

The hydraulically expandable undercarriage of the demolition excavator enables the tracks to be narrowed for transportation and expanded for work. As well, the tilting demolition cab allows the operator to use joysticks to position the cab for an optimal view. The PC490HRD-11 offers six different working arrangements, with a boom extension for higher reach or extended digging boom.

The demolition excavator also features a fully air-suspended operator station, a low-noise design and wrist controller mounted auxiliary controls. For an improved view of the jobsite, KomVision uses a series of high-definition networked cameras fitted on the machine to provide a clear, real-time bird’s eye view of the immediate surroundings on the widescreen cab monitor. 

At Demolition San Antonio, Komatsu also offered a preview of the special demolition specification of the 257-hp PC360LC-11 excavator. The demolition version of the PC360LC-11 will be launched in the North American market within the next year.