The E15X marks New Holland’s entry into electric equipment

E15X electric mini excavator enters a building
The E15X electric mini excavator

New Holland Construction is entering the electric equipment market with the launch of the E15X electric power mini excavator.

The E15X electric power mini excavator runs on a cobalt-free lithium-ion battery that powers a 21.5 hp motor, making it as powerful as the E14D, its diesel-engine equivalent.

“This is New Holland Construction’s first step into EV, a segment that’s going to continue to evolve and grow over the next decade not only for the industry, but for New Holland Construction,” said Tyler Mills, head of New Holland Construction North America.

“The E15X electric power mini excavator is built to work in a variety of spaces — indoor, outdoor, tight, noise restrictive. It has a place from indoor construction jobs to landscaping, to utility digging and demolition jobs, and beyond.”

On a fully charged battery, the electric excavator can operate for up to 8 hours. The machine can be recharged in 10 hours with a standard 110-volt outlet or within an hour with its fast charge features.

“The fast charge times, zero-emission engine and adjustable features make the E15X electric power mini excavator an innovative and environmentally friendly method to get the job done,” Mills said.

The E15X electric power mini excavator produces zero emissions and uses eco-friendly bio-hydraulic oil to extend service intervals. With zero-emission status, the E15X electric power mini excavator runs noticeably quieter than a similar machine running on a diesel engine, making it optimal for any indoors jobs or jobs with low noise level requirements.

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The machine features pre-set eco, standard and power work modes with pre-set precision, normal, productivity and individual control modes, and all modes can be independently adjusted. Power management software is used to monitor the oil flow and engine speed by detecting joystick movement and setting engine speed to reduce pressure on the hydraulics and battery.

Within seconds, the compact E15X electric power mini excavator can become narrow enough to fit through most standard-sized doors. The variable-width undercarriage can be narrowed to 79 cm and the height can be lowered to less than 1.5 metres by rotating the roll bar.