Ditch Witch debuts economical HX series vacuum excavator

ditch witch

To help meet the needs of evolving regulations and smaller budgets, the new Ditch Witch HX30G vacuum excavator delivers high-profile power in a low-profile package.      

As the latest installment to the Ditch Witch HX vacuum excavator line, the HX30G features the same, low-profile design as other machines in the series.

A narrow frame helps ease navigation in urban or congested areas and height-restrictive areas – without compromising ground clearance for avoiding ground-level obstacles.

“The HX vacuum excavation line, introduced last year, has received a lot of positive feedback from customers,” said Chapman Hancock, Ditch Witch product manager for vacuum excavators.

“Expanding on our initial success, we used direct customer feedback to offer a similar, but more economical, HX model that doesn’t compromise power or versatility. The HX30G delivers the same core benefits, in a low-profile package at a lower price point, to meet the specific needs of municipalities and contractors that use the machine daily.”

The Ditch Witch HX30G is powered by a 31 hp Vanguard gas engine for optimal suction power and water pressure for small and mid-sized excavation jobs or non-hazardous cleanup tasks.

The new higher-powered machine is also equipped with a 542-cfm blower, a 3,000-psi water pressure and 15.8 litre per minute of water flow to help increase productivity.

While the HX30G upgrades power, it does so without sacrificing the comfort that is required of an appealing vacuum excavator, according to Ditch Witch.

The machine is available with an optional jib boom to provide a wide range of motion.

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The HX30G comes with a hose storage system, which allows the hose to be stored flat and straight inside the unit frame when it isn’t needed – a direct customer-driven enhancement.

As well, the excavators come with a hose restraint to keep the hose from jumping.

Furthermore, the HX30G is available with the choice of a 1,893 litre or 3,028 litre tank for a variety of job requirements. And, it’s available in a variety of trailer configurations, including the new Ditch Witch VT9 trailer, which when equipped with the 1,893 litre tank has a GVWR of less than 4,535 kg and does not require a commercial driver’s license to transport.