Simex introduces new planers and drum cutters


Simex is expanding its line of planers to 23 models with the introduction of the new PL 60. 

The PL 60 possesses all the features that have made Simex planers a standard of reference for the sector. 

The new model benefit from patented solutions, like the self-levelling system, which ensures milling depth is constant in any condition, and the Performer device that allows the operator to optimize performance. 

As well, the PL 60 helps solve an important problem for operators, as it can mill an entire lane up to 3 metres in width in just two passes, translating into time savings and an improvement in the planer’s profitability. 

Simex drum cutters 

The new TFC 400 and TFC 600 double drum cutter heads with continuous cutting are now part of the large family of Simex cutter heads, which currently includes 11 models of the TF, TFC and TFV series.

Continuous cutter heads offer the advantage of evenly milling material that needs to be profiled or excavated without leaving breaks in the center, between the two drums or requiring the lateral movement of the excavator boom in order to mill residual surfaces.  

The TFC 400 and TFC 600 cutter heads are designed for 6 to 10 ton and 9 to 12 ton excavators. 

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The TFC 400, which delivers 18.5 kN of cutting force, can excavate small trenches for utilities installation, profile concrete surfaces and remove tree trunks in forestry applications. Its relatively small size, combined with the use of ultra-radius excavators, provide the user with a highly productive attachment even when working in tight spaces, for example when demolishing small foundations. 

The TFC 600 is the more powerful of the two new attachments and is designed to take on heavier applications. 

With a cutting force of 24.5 kN, the cutter head can be used to mill deteriorated layers of concrete structures, such as side walls and roofs of tunnels, and containment walls in road and highway settings.  

The TFC 600 is also ideal for profiling cut-off walls, and thanks to its size and that of the prime mover it is coupled with, it can be used in urban settings to perform trenching for utilities installation.