Sennebogen adds more room to Maxcab

Maxcab sennebogen material handler

Sennebogen is updating its machines with a new version of Maxcab.

The new cab, which is standard on the company’s material handlers, is about 70 mm longer than the previous generation. The expansion not only provides more space for the operator to work comfortably, but offers room for an optional electric cooler behind the seat, as well as additional storage space for other necessities.

Maxcab’s innovative sliding door continues to provide convenient and safe entry, but with an increased opening width for even easier access.

From the start, end-users and designers were involved in the development of the new Maxcab. The result is a smart design meeting all required specifications.

Throughout the new Maxcab’s design and development process, Sennebogen prioritized higher-quality solutions, including the most easy-to-understand, simple and intuitive operating elements.

The new and improved air conditioning system in today’s Maxcab features nine outlets to optimize air flow. Even with the fan on high, the air is blown at a low speed via outlets that are strategically distributed around the cab.

Helping to ensure a pleasant working environment, the Maxcab features a tiltable front windshield and a side window panel in the door that can be opened by the operator.

The windshield on the new Maxcab extends to the floor optimizing the operator’s view of the primary work area at the front of the machine. Combined with large side window panels, the operator has an unobstructed panoramic view of the entire job site.

Charging outlets have been located behind the driver’s seat and additional storage spaces in the interior keeps the area tidy, but all items are within easy reach of the operator.

As well, the new cab’s floor mat is flush with the access opening, making the cab’s floor safe to access and easy to clean. A permanent catwalk with a railing allows for safe access to the cab.

Creating ideal conditions for fatigue-free work, the consoles and the ergonomic hydraulic-over-hydraulic joysticks move with the standard climate-controlled seat.

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