The Scissor-boom: A crossover for the aerial lift industry

Inspired by the crossover concept between cars and SUVs, Forever ODM has created a scissor-boom for the aerial lift industry.

As its name suggests, the machine combines advantages of scissor and boom lifts.

“Before, you had the scissors or the boom, we’ve created a third category; the scissor boom. My philosophy is why don’t we have something in between ­— a scissor with outreach capabilities?” said Don Shi, the founder of Forever ODM, based in Seattle, Washington. “It’s based on a scissor lift structure, but we added a telescopic platform to give the outreach capability.”

The company’s first aerial lift machine, the 32/15 Scissor-Boom, is designed for municipal and industrial applications.

The 3,175 kg machine features 9.75 metres of vertical reach and 4.5 metres of horizontal outreach from the front wheels. With 159 kg load capacity, the scissor-boom is equipped with a powered, joystick-controlled platform for extension and retraction and all-wheel drive on paved surfaces. The patent pending product is expected to hit the market this summer.

For contractors, Shi says the scissor-boom is easy to operate, requires minimal space and is easily transported.

“A maintenance job usually only takes one or two days to finish, but you need to wait to deliver a boom lift,” Shi said. “If you have a pickup truck, you can pick the scissor-boom up yourself.”

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Shi added the machine’s small size equals easier storage options.

“It only takes a car parking spot. For indoors, that means a lot,” he said.

Forever ODM Inc. was created about three years ago to dedicate itself to developing the Scissor-Boom lift.

Before starting Forever ODM, Shi worked as a mechanical engineer in the aerial lift industry.

After the 32/15 Scissor-Boom is released, Forever ODM plans to create a similar machine for the construction industry. The 45/22 Scissor-Boom — which will hit the market in 2019 — will feature a 227-kg load capacity, a 13.7 metre vertical reach and 6.7 metre platform outreach, as well as the ability to travel on rough terrain.