The Roadtec RP-250 paver: the benefits of tires with the floatation of tracks

roadtec paver

Roadtec is introducing its new RP-250, a heavy-duty 3 metre paver that combines the advantages of rubber tires with the tractive effort of a tracked paver. 

Previously, a tracked machine was the only option for areas with a soft base or steep terrain. Now, the RP-250’s diamond tread tires and adjustable suspension provide ideal weight distribution and tractive effort. 

The large tires deliver increased surface contact, traction and flotation, without the price tag associated with a tracked paver. The adaptable suspension also enables the RP-250 to easily tackle hefty loads at the screed.

Augmented paver steering 

The RP-250’s augmented steering provides precise control, particularly when turning, thanks to a tight turn radius. Steering is driven by the rear wheels, and oil is distributed as needed, rather than evenly. The RP-250 can redirect flow to the drive wheels for power assisted turning.

As well, the RP-250’s adjustable suspension provides for uniform wheel loading in a soft or irregular base. The operator is able to control and modify the frame position as needed and the adaptable suspension may be used to increase the tractive effort to the rear wheels, which provides more stability on a soft base.

The RP-250 uses Sauer Danfoss Series 90 hydraulic pumps for propelling and material feed. 

The large pumps allow the entire hydraulic circuit to run extremely cool, which prolongs the life and lowering the maintenance costs of all components. 

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The conveyors on the RP-250 are designed to maximize throughput while maintaining durability. Head and tail plates are made of chromium carbide-clad plate. The conveyor floor plates are also clad and simply drop in, requiring no bolts. 

Each conveyor is independently driven, so material delivery can be fine-tuned for each side.  Furthermore, each conveyor is outfitted with its own feeder, helping to increase material control. 

Like all of Roadtec’s pavers, the RP-250 features the company’s anti-segregation design of the feed tunnel, the feed tunnel discharge and the rear augers.

The 1.9 cm thick flights of the rear auger are manufactured from cast, hardened steel. The rear augers have an outer diameter of 40 cm. The auger drive box also features a narrow design to prevent centreline segregation. 

Electric heat 

Screed plates on all Roadtec models are electrically heated. A 34-kW generator powers the elements and provides ample current for other electrical needs. 

Furthermore, the elements can be removed and replaced through a side access door above the main screed plate. There’s no need to take off the entire screed plate. 

The RP-250 also includes dual operator stations that can move beyond the sides of the paver to give the operator a sightline down the sides of the machine. The adjustable operator seats feature a ride control tension system for more comfort. 

The paver is powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final 250 hp engine.