Morbark launches new Rayco T415 forestry machine

rayco mulcher

Morbark is debuting the new Rayco T415 Forestry Machine. 

Designed for land-clearing companies, construction companies, pipeline contractors, utility contractors and real estate developers, the T415 allows customers to change between a Predator forestry mower/mulcher head and a Hydra Stumper stump cutter attachment. 

“The T415 forestry machine is designed for large-scale land-clearing contractors,” said J.R. Bowling, Rayco Manufacturing’s mulcher specialist. “It’s a lot of cutting power in a very nimble package.” 

Powered by a 415 hp Cat C9.3B Diesel Tier 4 Final engine, the T415 boasts a closed-loop hydrostatic system to power the mulcher or cutter head, sending 530 litres per min to the attachment’s drive motors. 

The hydraulic output is power-optimized to match the engine’s power curve, keeping the mulcher or stumper rpm constant, even under load for a finer mulched product with fewer passes. 

As the engine rpm pulls down under load, pump displacement increases to maintain the 530 litres per minute flow. The operator feels more power at the cutter head over a broader engine rpm band. 

Predator mulcher head

For mowing/mulching applications, the Predator mulcher head has a 232-cm cutting width, and is powered by a pair of variable displacement drive motors.

The Predator mulcher head is equipped with 49 single-bolt teeth, including end teeth with extra carbide to power through anything its way. The mulching head also has a synchronous drive belt for low maintenance and long wear life and slotted mounting lugs to follow terrain with minimal machine stress. A manually adjustable tree catcher and hydraulic debris flap is standard. 

The Hydra Stumper head muscles through stumps with its 122-cm diameter by 7.6 cm thick cutter wheel equipped with 56 Monster Tooth cutter tools. The cutting range reaches 2.74 metres wide, 2.69 metres high and 117 cm deep. 

Rayco paired with Denis Cimaf

Rayco plans to add the Denis Cimaf mulching head as an option for the T415 in the near future. The Quebec-based Denis Cimaf was acquired by Morbark in December 2018. 

“The T415 packs a great deal of power and versatility to efficiently clear vegetation,” Bowling said.

 “Our customers are going to be impressed by how efficiently this machine mulches even tough plant species in a one-pass mowing situation.” 

Rayco’s elevated cooling design places engine radiators in both the rear of the engine compartment and in the limbriser for cooling in the harshest environments, including areas with high ambient temperatures and a considerable amount of airborne debris. 

Debris screens trap airborne chaff before it can plug radiator fins. For cleaning, the screens are removable without tools. As well, reversing fans clear debris screens on-command, extending service intervals. The fans run at variable speed based on temperature and reverse based on a timer or by manual control from the operator’s cab. 

An on-board air compressor further aids in cleaning debris screens. 

Other key features include Rayco’s exclusive track tensioning system with monitor, which alerts the operator to over-tension situations and provides easier access to track tension grease fittings; hydraulic tilt cab to access pumps and other components easily; and the heavy-duty 15,875-kg hydraulic rear winch. 

A number of safety features are designed into the T415, including high-output LED lights on all four sides of the machine, emergency e-stop button and an escape hatch in the roof of the cab. 

The ROPS/FOPS/OPS-certified cab also includes several comfort and ergonomic features as well as a rear-view camera. 

More forestry news:

The introduction of the T415 comes on the heels of the debut of the C120R forestry mulcher in November 2018. Rayco plans to unveil two new mulcher models later this year. 

“Having a powerful forestry machine built to maximize mulching capabilities is a great benefit to our large-scale land-clearing and vegetation control customers,” Bowling said. “And the added versatility to accept both stumper and mulcher heads makes the T415 a great value as well.