Protech Diamond Tools debuts Diamond Matrix blades

Protech Diamond Tools has announced a breakthrough in its Diamond Matrix blades. 

The manufacturer has developed a new generation of blades that deliver longer life and faster cutting speeds. 

During the pandemic, Protech CEO and Geologist David Liao set out to develop blades designed specifically for Canadian aggregate. Liao has spent decades studying Canadian concrete and designing blades for the North American market. 

The result of his research is fast cutting speeds and long life, a combination that means a more efficient and cost-effective blade. The blades’ low dust design holds more water, reducing dangerous silica dust and creating a more efficient distribution of slurry and reducing dust in the air. 

In the spring of 2021, Liao and his team began to test the new blades on jobsites locally and then in the United States. 

Early results were encouraging but a few refinements were needed to perfect the finished products. The production team, based in Calgary, Alberta, rapidly manufactured prototypes. Every new prototype was tested in the field the same day ensuring Liao’s designs achieved the perfect mix of speed and lifespan. 

By the fall of 2021, Liao  was finally satisfied with his Diamond Matrix blades for cured concrete with rebar, including the 2131UT for high horsepower diesel machines and the 4512UT for medium power electric machines.  

The new blades are now offered for sale to a select group of Protech customers.

Canadian aggregates vary greatly from the hard river rock (granite, quartz, basalt and sandstone) found in Calgary, to the crushed limestone found in Eastern Canada. 

The Canadian landscape is dynamic and as it changes so do the aggregates, which makes developing the perfect diamond matrix a complex challenge. 

Protech Diamond Tools has manufactured blades and cores for the Canadian and United States markets for more than 20 years.