New Kioti tractors promise big things in a small package

kioti tractor

Kioti’s new CS2220 and CS2520 subcompact tractors combine ease of operation, with enough power to tackle a wide variety of tasks. 

The all new models include an ergonomic operator station with several standard features, including a tilt wheel with power steering, a joystick valve with quick attach and a precision-built Kioti diesel engine. 

“We at Kioti know that sometimes big things come in small packages, and our two all new sub-compact CS models do just that,” said Peter Dong-Kyun Kim, president and CEO of the Kioti Tractor division of Daedong-USA.

“With an ergonomically designed work station, plus the power and versatility to get the job done, the CS2220 and CS2520 are hard to beat. We’re excited to see these models get to work across North America.”

A 21- or 24.5-hp precision built Kioti diesel engine delivers large power output with low fuel consumption. And, engaged by a single lever, four-wheel drive is standard across these two new CS Series models, both of which can reach forward speeds of up to 15.4 km per hour. 

The CS2220 and CS2520 tractors are compatible with Kioti’s new SB2420 backhoe and SL2420 front end loader. The SL2420 offers quick attach and detach and dual bucket cylinders, with a maximum lift height of 1.87 metres and lift capacity at full height to pivot pins of 482 kg. 

Pinless design

The new pinless design enables the operator to quickly and efficiently remove or install the loader in minutes, without having to remove or install loader pins to secure it to the tractor. As well, the additional quick attach system on the front makes switching attachments a simple task. 

The CS2220 and CS2520 come standard with a joystick valve to give operators convenient, comfortable and precise control over the loader to lift, lower and carry loads anywhere, regardless of experience or skill level. 

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The new models are also compatible with Kioti’s SM2454 and SM2460 mid-mount mowers, both of which include drive-over decks for easy attach and detach.

Designed with ease of operation in mind, the CS2220 and CS2520 include a standard tilt wheel, which ensures all operators can reach and turn the wheel comfortably.

Additionally, twin HST pedals allow for easy and quick forward and reverse with smooth engagement, acceleration and deceleration. 

These two tractors feature a streamlined hood design to improve operator visibility with or without a loader installed. Furthermore, the vertically-opening hood provides easy access to engine maintenance and service points. 

The rear PTO and high-capacity three-point hitch can accommodate a variety of implements. Plus, the standard mid PTO (2,200 rpm) provides the ability to operate implements, such as a mid-mount mower or snowblower