Mecalac launches MCL Series under new “multifunctional loader” designation

Mecalac MCL Series loaders.

Mecalac has introduced a range of compact wheel loaders—the “MCL Series”—to its equipment offering.

The MCL Series consists of six compact-size models, all of which fall under Mecalac’s new designation of “multifunctional loader.”

According to the company website, four of the models fit the needs of the agriculture segment, while the other two fit the needs of construction segment.

The company cites its decision to step into this market as being born from a growing demand for small multipurpose articulated loaders in the agricultural, rental and construction sectors. Also, according to Mecalac, this demand stems from, among other things, small multipurpose articulated loaders being more versatile, agile and safe when compared to other machines like skid steers and tractors with loaders.

All six of these machines are compatible with a wide range of attachments and are available in canopy, canopy with foldable top or cab versions.

MCL Series models:

MCL2:While being the smallest machine in the MCL range, it has all the features of the larger models and offers a modern and ergonomic operator station protected by a standard canopy or optional cab.

MCL4: Features a 18.4 kW engine, offers a compromise between compactness and lifting performance and can be transported on a road trailer. According to Mecalac, this model is the ideal machine for rental fleets looking for a durable and high-performance machine.

MCL6: Its 36kW motor allows it to reach and maintain high speeds on the road. Also, Mecalac asserts that its hydraulic flow rate and speed of execution considerably increase productivity on worksites.

MCL8:Power, high dumping height and lifting capacity were the key terms used by Mecalac to guide the design of this machine and, ultimately, create an ease in all circumstances.

MCL4+ and  MCL6+: Short arm versions, offering an increased tipping load.

The latest Mecalac technologies

The new MCL loaders can be equipped with Mecalac’s latest comfort and driver assistance technologies, including:

M-Drive: Turns your machine into a tool carrier, in which you can control its speed with the foot pedal at a selected engine rpm.

Speed-control: Redefine the speed range that can be used via the foot pedal as required. For example, choosing a lower speed will allow you to do more precise work.

MyMecalac Connected Services: Maximise the use of your machines thanks to optimized and accessible machine data, reduced downtimes, and better fleet management.

Start-up digicode: A keypad that enables you to better control the use of the machine.

According to Mecalac, this new product line will strengthen its position in the loader market and accelerate the development of customer segments in sectors such as the agriculture, landscaping and rental.