LiuGong revamps its 856H wheel loader

The new LiuGong 856H wheel loader has been redesigned specifically for the North American market.

Powered by a 225 hp, EPA Tier 4 Final Cummins engine, the LiuGong 856H promises high productivity through advanced technology, including a powershift transmission and advanced load-sensing hydraulic system. The company showcased the machine at World of Asphalt 2018 in Houston, Texas.

“It’s completely redesigned. It has an increase in rated payload, and a new and improved cab,” said Hugo Chang, wheel loader product manager for LiuGong North America.

The wheel loader is equipped with LiuGong’s advanced load sensing hydraulic system. The technology matches hydraulic flow with the operator and ensures the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems work in harmony.  Power is supplied only when it is needed to optimize efficiency.

“The new Tier 4 final hydraulics is a closed centre system with a piston pump swash plate for controlling simultaneous lift and curl functions,” Chang said. “The operator can, with the appropriate use of the joystick, attain simultaneous lift and curl functions which was not possible on our previous Tier 3 product line.”

LiuGong also totally redesigned the cooling system to lower fuel consumption. The airflow from the radiator to the fan, combined with the new hexagon grill, improves ventilation. As well, the variable hydraulic fan drive minimizes power needs, and operators have the ability to reverse airflow to increase radiator cleanout intervals.

“It now allows for the cooling system to react at the speed that is required by the machine, based on its usage and ambient temperature,” Chang said. “This equals lower fuel consumption and lower overall machine noise.”

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To further decrease fuel consumption, the wheel loader includes auto-idle speed function, which allocates the appropriate rpm for the task at hand. If activity isn’t detected for 10 minutes, the auto-idle speed function will automatically reduce engine speed to idle. The engine immediately returns to the current throttle setting when commanded work is detected.

The 856H also integrates ZF Powershift transmissions, which are available in two types of 4F/3R. As well, the torque converter is optimized for maximum transfer of power to the transmission.

The kick-down button, located on the loader’s joystick, allows the operator to gear down with the tip of a finger to increase torque generated by the engine to boost breakout force and loading capability.

Well positioned lift arms, a standard rear-view camera and a 360-degree, panoramic view from the pressurized, FOPS/ROPS-certified, sound-reduction cab give operators a clear view of the jobsite with line-of-sight to the bucket edge at ground level.

The LiuGong GPS system provides ready access to operating data for accurate fleet management. An electrically actuated, wide fiberglass hood and rear swing-out fenders allow easy service access.