From road to rail: Liebherr’s new A 922 Rail Litronic

Liebherr A 922 rail

Liebherr has introduced the new A 922 Rail, which is suitable for use on railway tracks or road construction. 

A rail travel drive is mounted on both sides of the undercarriage. When entering the rails, the rail travel drive lifts the tires to rail height. The inside wheels of the dual tires ensure the excavator travels on the tracks. 

Liebherr has been developing and producing railroad excavators since 1967. With the A 922 Rail, Liebherr has designed the basic machine, the rail travel drive, the quick coupler system, attachments and all safety systems. 

The new 20.4 to 23.4  tonne machine is available with a new 161 hp engine that complies with both Tier 4 Final and Stage IIIA standards.

The hydraulic concept of the A 922 Rail consists of a Liebherr variable displacement double pump with independent control circuits. High-performance hydraulic attachments can be operated independently of the working and travel movements of the Liebherr railroad excavator. 

The delivery rate of the Liebherr variable displacement double pump was increased to 2 x 220 litres per minute for improved performance. The heavy ballast was also redesigned to yield the best bearing load values with improved weight distribution and a more compact rear dimension of 2 metres.

A 922 design 

The A 922 Rail design guarantees short maintenance times and minimizes associated maintenance costs.

All maintenance points are easily accessible from the ground, allowing easy access to air, oil and fuel filters, the main battery switch, the central lubrication point for the undercarriage and the pilot valves for the hydraulic system. 

Double cab 

The spacious double cab, with standard roll over protective structure (ROPS) and a modern interior design delivers the right conditions for comfortable, focused and productive work. A generous use of glass and standard rear and side cameras provide an exceptional view of the working area and swing range.

The touch-screen colour display, as well as the other control elements on the console are designed for ease of use. 

For rail work safety, Liebherr offers systems that are tailored to the machine requirements. The safety technologies include load torque, height and sway limitation and a virtual wall. 

More news from Liebherr:

The A 922 Rail is available with various undercarriage versions with different track widths and rail wheels, which make it possible to use it on tracks worldwide.

An independent variable displacement pump for the rail travel drive provides the required traction and safe propulsion at all times. Standard integrated brakes in the rail wheel shorten the braking distance in both the lowered and elevated position and enhance safety.

As well, the A 922 Rail has many different areas of application thanks to the range of Liebherr attachments. The railroad excavator can be fitted with an optional, fully hydraulic quick coupling system developed by Liebherr. 

The hydraulic quick coupler system combined with an automatic, hydraulic coupling system enables a quick and secure change of mechanical and hydraulic attachments from the cab. This can increase productivity by 30 per cent on average.