Kubota introduces new engine line for oil & gas


Kubota Engine America Corp. has announced the release of its WG1605, WG2503 and WG3800 family of spark ignited engines for the oil and gas industry.

The new family of Kubota natural gas engines share many of the same components found in their heavy-duty diesel counterparts and are now approved and warranted for wellhead gas operations, such as pump jacks, compressors, and vapour recovery units.

The new line was designed to endure harsh environments found in oil and gas fields.

Compared to the common automotive-based designs, the Kubota engines will provide a longer life cycle and offer many other benefits and program features for customers in the improving oil and gas market.

“CK Power Products has been selling natural gas engines into the oilfield for over 30 years,” said John Costello, CEO of CK Power Products, a manufacturer of power units and power generation solutions.

“I have never been as excited about the release of a new natural gas engine as I am about the new Kubota line. I sincerely believe this product line is going to be a game changer for the market and our customers, compared to what they have been currently using.”

The new engine line includes: dual fuel capability allowing them to run on natural gas or propane; front gear train with heavy-duty value timing control; premium engine valves with robust cast iron cylinder head; engine block and components based on diesel model counterpart and footprint; state-of-the-art fuel systems with water-resistant electrical connectors; knock sensors detect detonation that include coil-on-plug ignition and the electronic control unit (ECU) that can be programmed on site.

“The benefit of the programmable ECU would allow the operator to relocate the engine to another jobsite,” said Philip Juneau, Kubota regional sales manager. “The purpose of the knock sensor is to protect the engine from damage that can be caused from detonation. The coil-on-plugs eliminates the need for spark plug wires, which generally require more frequent service replacement.”

Kubota Engine America (KEA) started as an engine division of Kubota Tractor Corporation in 1982.  The Engine Division was dedicated to the sales and reinforcement of technical support of the expanding industrial diesel engine market in the United States.

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Kubota Corporation and KEA pioneered the compact, high-density diesel market as an alternative to small gasoline engines. In response to the continued rise in diesel engine demand in the US market, KEA was formed in 1998 as an independent company and a subsidiary of Kubota Corporation.