Komatsu’s new WA900-8 wheel loader loads more trucks per shift


Komatsu America Corp’s new WA900-8 wheel loader is promising to allow operators to load more trucks per shift, in a more comfortable environment.

The 116,400 kg wheel loader is equipped with an EPA Tier 4 Final certified engine, and is purpose-built to load 70 to 150 ton haul trucks.

The SSA12V140E-7 engine delivers a net horsepower of 899 hp, a five per cent increase compared to the WA900-3E0.  Variable Geometry Turbochargers (VGT) ensure precise engine control and quick response.

As well, the WA900-8 features dual Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filters (KDPF), with no Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and no DEF is required.

“The WA900-8 is the perfect machine for loading haul trucks in limestone pits because the all new Komatsu bucket design, with modified profile, maximizes bucket fill to increase productivity,” said Robert Hussey, product marketing manager for Komatsu America Corp.  

“The large pillarless cab offers great visibility, and the higher capacity air suspension seat along with the Electronically Controlled Suspension System (ECSS), provides a smooth ride for better travel performance to keep operators comfortable throughout long shifts.”

New tech in the WA900-8

The new wheel loader features advanced machine monitoring system, with onboard diagnostics viewable with the 18 cm LCD monitor. For machine troubleshooting, a laptop is not required.

The WA900-8 is also equipped with KomVision with radar obstacle detection, a six-camera system on a dedicated LCD monitor that provides a bird’s-eye view around the machine and an audible alert when an obstacle is detected in the working area for improved operator situational awareness.

Komatsu’s enhanced KOMTRAX Plus delivers immediate remote diagnostics of machine heath and performance with operator ID and integration with third party telematics systems.

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For efficiency, the WA900-8 includes ECO guidance, which provides the operator with real-time recommendations to improve machine operation efficiency.

With a completely redesigned front and rear frame and loader linkages, the WA900-8 is the most durable chassis in model history for Komatsu. Furthermore, a new standard brake cooling system reduces brake oil temperature, resulting in longer brake-service life. An engine pre-lubrication system raises engine oil pressure before startup to ensure full lubrication of all engine components.

SmartLoader Logic

Komatsu’s SmartLoader Logic helps reduce fuel consumption, while maintaining production levels. A closed centre load sensing hydraulic system delivers hydraulic flow based on application demand, saving fuel and reducing hydraulic oil temperatures.

For traction, the WA900-8 is equipped with a Variable Traction Control System and Modulation Clutch System provide optimal tractive effort for various ground conditions.

A throttle lock with auto-deceleration improves cycle times by maintaining high work-equipment performance

In the cab

The WA900-8 is equipped with the Advanced Joystick Steering System (AJSS) and Electronic Pilot Control (EPC) work equipment control levers to provide quick and precise response to operator input.

For less experienced operators, the loader’s automatic dig system, semi-automatic approach and dump system provide assistance, and also help reduce fatigue for experienced operators.

The WA900-8 cab also includes an 18-cm monitor with dedicated review camera. To enter the loader, 45-degree stairways on the left- and right-hand side of the machine and walkways in front of the cab and on the rear counterweight provide easy access.