Kleemann to debut trio of new machines at ConExpo

The Kleemann MobiScreen MSS 802i EVO
The Kleemann MobiScreen MSS 802i EVO

Kleemann is presenting a wide selection of machines from its product portfolio at ConExpo, with three plants making their North American premieres.

The new MobiScreen MSS 802i EVO will be presented to the general public for the first time in the United States.

The new MSS 802i EVO for coarse elements was designed to meet changing challenges in different application areas. With its clever plant design and flexible conversion options, the new Kleemann mobile screen guarantees an optimum material flow in natural stone and recycling applications.

The large range of screen surfaces and the simple setting of screening parameters make it possible to adapt the MSS 802i EVO easily to new application conditions.

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If a fine final product is to be screened from particularly coarse feed material, the plant can be quickly converted from three to two final grain sizes. Further advantages of the plant include simple operability, ease of physical and visual access to all relevant machine components and H-DRIVE with the option of an external power supply for emission-free and environmentally sound work.

EVO2 line

The MobiCone MCO 90i EVO2 and MobiCat MC 110i EVO2 from Kleemann.

The two latest members of the EVO2 product line include the the jaw crusher MobiCat MC 110i EVO2 and the cone crusher MobiCone MCO 90i EVO2. Both machines will make their trade fair premieres at the ConExpo. Both plants have the efficient drive concept D-DRIVE and intelligent overload systems.

The EVO2 line also includes the mobile impact crusher MobiRex MR 110i EVO2. The plant impresses with flexible application options in both natural stone and recycling. The Spective operating concept ensures simple, intuitive control. The new feature here is that Spective Connect is now also available.

To further increase the application diversity of the MobiCone MCO 90(i) EVO2 and MobiRex MR 110(i) EVO2, both machines can now be equipped with an optional double-deck post screening unit and thus produce two classified final grain sizes without the use of an additional screening plant.


The innovative operating concept Spective includes various components that are ideally tuned to one another and accompany the machine operator during the entire working day. Apart from the intuitive touch panel and different radio remote controls, Spective Connect supports the work site digitalization.

All relevant process information and reporting are now displayed on your smartphone without having to leave the feeding device. Spective Connect has new features, which will be presented at ConExpo, which make work for the operator even easier. A new configuration tool, for example, supports in the selection of correct machine settings.

Intelligent line coupling

Intelligent line coupling allows Kleemann plants to be easily coupled with one another. Apart from the optimized material transport in all crushing stages, the new wireless line coupling guarantees safety. If an emergency stop button on the plant train is pressed in the event of an emergency, all machines are safely stopped. On crushing plants that are equipped with Spective, this is carried out via radio and cable installation is no longer required. This facilitates handling and makes the daily work routine of the operator easier.