Kinshofer revamps its NOX Tiltrotator

nox tiltrotator

Kinshofer has developed a range of tools especially adapted to the NOX Tiltrotator to guarantee the best efficiency available.

Alongside clamshell buckets, demolition and sorting grabs, as well as forks that Kinshofer offers for the NOX-Tiltrotator, there are various other combinations possible. The general operation is more efficient, as the operator is able to work precisely without repositioning the excavator all the time, for example, when positioning natural rocks for a wall.

nox tiltrotatorThe NOXPROP smooth control system provides more safety and precision. Operators may now control the actions of their NOX-Tiltrotator with two joysticks. Quick coupler and attached tools are also operated comfortably and effectively by means of the smart NOXPROP control system: tilt and rotation are controlled by proportional solenoid valves and can simultaneously operate.

As well, the extra function is controlled proportionally, and a separate display module is included. The system has been engineered to enable the control of 10 profiles – for different operation or different drivers. Furthermore, the system is configurable from a laptop.

There is also the option to add a gripper to the NOX-Tiltrotator. Integrated into the lower quick coupler, the gripper may be used to position rods, poles or curbstones, while the other attachment remains mounted. Kinshofer is also offering a preset bucket package including a suitable grading, backhoe and trench bucket.

There are five sizes of the Tiltrotator available: the TR06NOX for excavators with an operating weight of three to six tons; TR10NOX for five to 10 ton excavators; TR14NOX for 10 to 14 ton machines; TR19NOX for 14 to 19 tons; and the TR25NOX for 18 to 25 ton operating weights. 

A 360-degree continuous rotation and tilting angles of up to 55 degrees make it a universal joint. This cylinder-less solution features a compact design with a narrow width and without protruding parts.

The flexible tool only requires little maintenance as there are only two greasing points, less wear parts and the hydraulics are integrated into the solid cast housing. The patented tilting function is provided by the elliptic piston design with only one thread. Due to the closed system, the risks of damage are reduced and the tilting force remains constant.

Attachments that require a high oil flow are not a problem for the NOX-Tiltrotator. An electrical swivel is optional for the use of 2D/3D excavating systems or extra safety requiring couplers.

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