John Deere debuts new 200G excavator


John Deere’s new 200G excavator is designed to decrease fuel burn without sacrificing power or productivity.

As well, the 200G enables operators to quickly complete tough jobs, while lowering overall operation costs.

Combined with John Deere’s broad bucket portfolio, coupler options and attachments, the 200G machine is ideal for numerous applications, including site development, roadbuilding, earthmoving and irrigation work.

The 200G machine features a 145 hp Tier 4 Final John Deere PowerTech PSS 4.5-litre engine.

The most notable features of the 200G model is its low fuel burn, requiring  11 per cent less fuel than the 210G.

“Many of our customers are balancing tight budgets with the need for maximum power and productivity on the job,” said Jonny Spendlove, excavator product marketing manager for John Deere Construction and Forestry.

“With the new 200G Excavator, we are giving our customers the best of both worlds. This machine is built with fuel saving at the forefront of its design, while also incorporating several productivity-boosting features to help operators efficiently complete jobs.”

More news from John Deere:

Adjustable power modes, including Eco and Power settings, may be set by the operator based on the job, engaging the machine to automatically change engine rpm and hydraulic pump calibration.

With fuel savings in mind, the Eco mode setting allows the excavator to automatically adjust to arrive at the best balance of fuel consumption and productivity.

The 200G also delivers a faster swing speed due to efficiencies with the hydraulic system. As a result, productivity is increased in applications that require swing movements, such as truck loading and trenching operations.

Additionally, this machine is compatible with a broad portfolio of bucket options, enabling it to meet the demands of several different applications. With options ranging from 0.42 cubic metres to 1.02 cubic metres, the bucket design allows operator sto maximize productivity, regardless of the type of job. Additionally, a hydraulic coupler on the 200G allows operators to quickly change between attachments.

The design of the 200G machine focuses on increased uptime. The John Deere-exclusive double-sealed swing bearing system has enhanced internal grease retention, improving the machine’s overall reliability. This helps to reduce the risk of contamination by materials like dust and water.

The excavator is also built with reinforced arm-to-bucket joints to maximize front-joint durability and reduce maintenance intervals for axial clearance adjustment.

The tungsten carbide-coated ear flanges provide high-wear resistance and long service life, while steel bushings with grease groove channels increase resistance to abrasion and reduce pin wear.

Finally, similar to the rest of the G-Series Excavator line, the 200G features ground-level service access. This design ensures most filters can be accessed from the ground, allowing periodic maintenance to be completed with ease and reducing unwanted downtime.