Smoother, quieter and simplified: JLG upgrades its LRT series

LRT series
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JLG Industries has updated its LRT series of rough terrain scissors to run smoother, quieter and with simplified operation.

The model year upgrades are based on feedback from JLG’s customer base.

“Our customers are looking for high-capacity rough terrain scissor lifts capable of carrying more employees, equipment and tools on the platform around the work site,” said Rafael Nuñez, senior product manager of scissor and vertical lifts at JLG Industries.

“The latest upgrades to our LRT series offer faster serviceability and added durability to help customers get the job done faster, safer and at a lower cost.”

The upgraded series offers refined platform control joystick operation for smoother and more precise machine repositioning.

As well, control system upgrades provide the system with feedback to improve drive control proportionality. Left and right steer functions now receive renewed digital inputs to ensure a higher level of functionality and improved response for the operator.

Levelling jack performance has been improved to deliver increased accuracy and quicker speeds.

JLG LRT seriesThe levelling jack interface is enhanced by integrating a dedicated levelling function within the current lift and drive switch.

The updated 530LRT model utilizes proportional lift valves for the upper and lower lift cylinders, providing a smooth, controlled proportional ascent and descent. The upgrades also include smoother lift-up and lift-down operation.

In addition to their ability to support larger loads, the LRT series scissor lifts offer excellent gradeability while traversing rough terrain.

These types of scissors typically offer two to three times the capacity and three to five times the platform space of boom lifts.

Improved serviceability

LRT series scissor lifts have been designed with steel hoods to protect components while providing full access for inspections and service.

The complete lineup is powered by Tier 4 Final diesel engines, which do not require the serviceable emissions technology found in larger engine systems.

All machine calibrations can now be performed from the stowed position with a single click of the analyzer, and the refined elevation sensor calibration no longer requires recalibration after a software update.

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All software updates will also improve the customer experience with the upcoming A92.20 compliance. Additionally, all LRT models are now calibrated with the same procedure, which has been simplified to improve serviceability. This new functionality aims to help customers optimize machine uptime.

Additional features include a 60-degree swing-out engine tray for enhanced access and fold-down ladder, as well as a swing-out tray for easier access to engine and hydraulics.

The multifunction digital indicator (MDI) display communicates full language versus fault codes for improved serviceability and faster troubleshooting to reduce the number and duration of service calls. Operation and control layouts are the same in the entire line for ease of training and operation.

Improved design

The 530LRT now has the same hood and ladder design as the 330LRT and the 430LRT, and the entire series is equipped with new mufflers, lowering the sound level by 5 per cent.

Engine noise and vibration levels are reduced by engine isolators and improved door bumper locations.

The angle tilt sensor is relocated and rerouted, so it’s less prone to damage as the scissor arms move.