JCB adds a cab to its electric mini excavator

JCB electric excavator

As an industry first for the electric mini excavator sector, JCB will now offer a fully glazed cab on its 19C-1E.

The electric machine will use the same spacious cab as JCB’s conventional 1 to 2-ton excavator models and will be equipped with an electric heater to provide instant heat to defrost windows and keep the cab warn for its operator.

With a large, glazed area, the ROPS/FOPS cab is equipped with easy to replace laminated flat glass. It has a 70/30 front windshield split, with clear jointing, for an unobstructed view of the digging area.

The JCB cab also offers a clear view all around the machine. The cab uses the same LED working lights and wipers as the diesel models, making it easier to work in poor visibility or during hours of darkness when required.

When operating the machine with the heater on, there is zero impact to the machine’s digging or tracking performance. As well, the battery capacity allows the electric mini excavator to work a full day’s shift.

The addition of a cab option is expected to increase the appeal of the 19C-1E in regions with challenging weather conditions, where a canopy is not suitable.

The E-Tech cab provides a dry, comfortable operating environment throughout the working day, with a locking door adding to the security of the machine for contractors and rental companies.

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The electric excavator has an electric motor and three advanced lithium-ion battery packs, to deliver a full energy capacity of 15 kWh.

Alongside zero emissions, the machine is also the quietest excavator in the JCB range. This allows contractors to work after normal hours in urban streets, around hospitals and close to schools without disturbing people nearby. The machine also has a retractable undercarriage to enable it to negotiate tight spaces.

Rapid universal charger

The zero emission, 1.9 tonne mini excavator is charged by plugging it into a 230-volt domestic electricity supply.

JCB has also developed a new rapid universal charger, which is compatible with current and future E-TECH electric models.

Working with machine electrical systems from 48V to 96V and above, the JCB universal charger offers customers an off-board rapid-charging solution, to allow extended working capability with battery electric construction and industrial machinery.

All JCB E-TECH equipment is supplied from the factory with a standard built-in charger and rapid charger preparation, allowing customers to simply and quickly cap off the charge and return to work. The charger unit can be easily installed at any site, offering 480V three-phase electrical supply.

By offering a universal charger, rather than chargers dedicated to each product line, JCB is delivering a single rapid-charge solution, which can be used across a fleet of machines on site or in the yard. 

The unit can recharge the 19C-1E electric mini excavator from zero charge to full in two and a half hours, allowing for quick turnaround and boosting productivity potential.

The JCB universal charger requires a standard 480V three-phase electrical supply and comes with both four and five-pin connectors, to suit site power provision across Europe. It will also be offered in the North American market and across the world.