Cat boosts payload on new mining loader

caterpillar mining loader
The Caterpillar R1700 underground mining loader carries a payload of 15 tonnes, 20 per cent more than its predecessor.

Caterpillar’s new R1700 underground mining loader features a completely new design that has proven payload increases in extended field trials and in production studies.

The R1700 mining loader carries a payload of 15 tonnes, 20 per cent more than its predecessor carries, yet it maintains the same dimensions of the R1700G.

A recent head-to-head study and multiple field trials show the machine leverages its payload advantage to deliver faster truck loading and more productive load-and-carry operations while using less fuel per hour.

The R1700 gains cycle time advantages through fast bucket loading, due to high breakout forces and a new traction control system, which limits tire slip when the bucket enters the pile.

Cat C13 engine

As well, improved machine balance and a new electrohydraulic braking system aid load-and-carry cycles.

Fuel efficiency is boosted in the new mining loader from on-demand adjustment of the cooling fan and the hydraulic system, as well as the efficiency of the Cat C13 engine. The 6-cylinder engine is turbocharged,air-to-air aftercooled and it produces 361 hp in standard configuration and 345 hp in EU Stage V compliant form.

The engine is available in three emission configurations; Cat Ventilation Reduction, U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA and EU Stage V.

The three configurations allow tailoring the R1700 to the ventilation needs of the mine. Also, aftertreatment for the Stage V engine configuration is chassis mounted for convenience and includes a Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) tank sized to match the 12-hour capacity of the fuel tank.

underground mining loaderMining loader tech

The optional autodig helps new operators be productive on the first day and reduces fatigue for experienced operators. MineStar Command for underground offers a selection of control technologies, including line-of-sight remote control, teleremote control from a distant operator station, semi-autonomous operation and fully autonomous operation.

The R1700 mining loader also brings new levels of comfort and control to underground operations.

During the load or dump cycle, the harder the operator pushes the controls, the faster the machine responds. The steering system is pilot controlled to provide a more precise feel for the operator during maneuvers in tight places.

Ride control is now fully integrated into the hydraulic system and engages automatically as the machine goes above 5 km per hour. Electronically snubbing the lift cylinders protects them and provides greater operator comfort.

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The R1700 has auto retarding that is hydraulically actuated. The system comes on automatically when the operator’s foot is lifted from the throttle. Cycle times improve as operators gain confidence and become more comfortable on downhill grades at faster speeds.

For easier maintenance, the R1700 features several components that have modular designs, so they can be removed and replaced easily. In addition to modular components, all filters and key service points have been grouped into a centralized section on the cold side of the engine. The radiator guard swings open for ground-level access to the radiator and oil coolers.

The batteries are easily accessed just under the centralized service location.

For the entire underground loader line, Caterpillar now offers bolt on half arrow ground engaging tools (GET) for bucket edges. The system is designed for high abrasion applications where weld-on GET experience high wear rates.

With the retention system, the bolt-on GET offer more wear material than standard weld-on GET, and the bolt-on design enables quick removal and replacement.

Despite additional wear material, the low-profile front edge eases pile penetration and promotes fast bucket loading.